Best Volcano Tours from Reykjavik

Iceland, the volcanic island, the place where mother nature shows herself off, in ever more spectacular ways. It's quite unlike any other place on earth. From the dancing northern lights to the stunning landscape, and volcanoes, Iceland never fails to inspire. then to see this most incredible of forces up close. With Reykjavik Volcano tours, visit the famous Geldingadalur volcano, step inside one, and trek across the landscape that has been shaped by these most remarkable acts of nature. Combine it with a visit to Blue Lagoon on the way back. It'll undoubtedly fire up your Iceland visit.

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Our tips for Volcano Tours

  • Gear checklist. Make sure to wear a waterproof shell jacket and hiking shoes to get ready for a volcano hike. Also, bring flashlights and extra layers with you.
  • Stay safe. Make sure to follow all instructions of your guide while exploring the volcano to stay safe. The weather conditions around the volcano site change very quickly. So, make sure to check the local forecast beforehand and bring in the appropriate gear.
  • Leave only footprints behind. Be sure to not leave any waste behind.
  • The floor is lava! Do not walk on the old lava, even though it may feel cool. Beneath the hard crust, the lava remains hot for years. Plus, it can be tricky and slippery to walk on paths formed by lava. So be mindful of your every step.

Good to know

Surrounded by the most gorgeous glaciers, stunning landscapes, lakes and pristine waterfalls– Iceland seems like another planet. Add in volcanoes, and well, you really can't get more to witness the power, destruction, and beauty that nature can bestow upon our planet. And Iceland has plenty of them. The volcanic eruptions near Geldingadalur Volcano and Thrihnukagigur volcanoes are marvels to behold. That’s how Iceland earned its nickname – “Land of Fire and Ice.”

Inside the magma chamber of the Thrihnukagigur volcano, you can witness the ancient and colorful lava-rock walls. In 2022, the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted last time on 3rd August and the eruption lasted for three weeks. However, the weather can be quite dicey and change in a heartbeat. So, be prepared for icy, windy, or wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What does the Iceland volcano tour include?

    The volcano tour in Iceland is an intimate experience with volcanoes where you can see one up close and even visit inside it to witness its gigantic magma chamber. You can also learn about volcanic activity and eruptions from a knowledgeable guide.

  • Q: How do I get there?

    Geldingadalur Volcano and Thrihnukagigur volcano are in close proximity to Reykjavik. While the eruption site is far from Reykjavik, it is recommended to book a guided tour or go with a local guide who is trained for any eventuality.

  • Q: How often do volcanic eruptions take place in Iceland?

    Volcanic eruptions are a natural phenomenon and are relatively unpredictable occurrences. Not a decade has gone without one, but it is entirely random.

  • Q: How many volcanoes are there in Iceland?

    There are over 130 volcanoes in Iceland with over 32 of them being active volcano sites.

Things to do in Reykjavik-Iceland

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