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Learn about America’s experience in WWII with top-rated National WWII Museum tickets, bookable on isango at the best prices! Make your way through a rare collection of artefacts, memorabilia, documents, and preserved war machines from the Second World War, a war that changed the world. Learn about USA’s triumph in the war, especially significant, given the fact that the US army was smaller than those of Germany, Japan or Italy. Check out dozens of vintage aircraft suspended from the roof and walk through the galleries that honor American servicemen. Enjoy a 50-minute showing on the first-hand accounts of life in battle and on the home front and watch an epic 4D wartime documentary produced by Tom Hanks (at additional cost). Book New Orleans National WWII Museum tickets well in advance for the best prices!
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Our tips for National WWII Museum

Arrive early: National WWII Museum is the number one attraction of New Orleans so arrive as soon as the museum opens to make the most of your visit. Lunch: If you want to grab a quick lunch, then avoid the smaller restaurants (as the food isn’t exactly the best) and opt instead for the full scale restaurant in the same building as the theater if you have the time. Mock train ride: Take the mock train ride in the first pavilion and relive the experiences of soldiers leaving home to go to war.

Good to know

The National World War II museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Keep at least 3 hours in hand to do full justice to your visit. To avoid crowds, visit on weekday afternoons.

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