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French Quarter Tours

Soak in the vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans’ most famous area and book French Quarter tours. Roam the elegant streets, enjoy rides on horse-drawn carriages, admire the eclectic mix of architectural styles, visit the legendary Bourbon Street and more. Choose from a veritable panoply of tours ranging from informative walking tours to pub crawls, paddle wheeler sojourns to thrilling nocturnal romps in search of ghosts and vampires. Explore the streets with enthusiastic and friendly guides in tow and see the historic monuments, tuck into sumptuous meals at the restaurants and enjoy live music at the jazz clubs. Book well in advance for the best rates and select a tour that’s perfect for you.

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Our tips for French Quarter Tour

  • Bourbon Street can get pretty wild and crowded after dark. If visiting in the evening, keep your wits about you and keep your wallet safe.
  • You can also head down Royal and make your way over to Frenchmen Street for the best entertainment in the city.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: There’s a lot of walking to be done so make sure that you strap on a pair of comfy walking shoes. The French Quarter is best explored on foot.
  • You can drink on the streets of the French Quarter but don’t make the mistake of carrying a glass bottle with you. You must consume alcoholic beverages from a plastic to-go cup.

Good to know

Best time to visit
The South is known for its hot weather, lakes and swamps, and the city of New Orleans is no exception. A relatively hot and sticky city, only the bravest of souls travel to New Orleans during the summer months of July and August when 100-degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures and almost 100% humidity come out to play. When considering what to do in New Orleans, try your luck in February to May for the most pleasant weather.
Getting there
It is the most walkable neighborhood in New Orleans with a Walk Score of 97. You could also rent a bike to get around or enjoy a horse carriage ride through its charming streets. Cabs and rented cars are also viable options.
Money saving tips
Book your French Quarter tours well in advance to avoid paying last-minute inflated rates. Low seasons are the best time to travel if you are a budget traveler. Drink prices in the city can be quite heavy on the pocket. Seek out happy hour deals and half price dishes when eating out. On the streets of the French Quarter, there is live music to be heard. Enjoy some live music for free but a tip would definitely be appreciated.
Did you know?

Fun French Quarter facts to whet your appetite!

  • The 300-year-old neighborhood that's also a National Historic Landmark. 
  • This was once the whole city: The French Quarter still occupies the same 6×13 block area laid out in 1718 by French Canadian naval officer Jean Baptiste Bienville. At the time, the 70 squares within this area made up the entire French settlement of Nouvelle-Orléans, the original City of New Orleans.
  • The most famous watering holes in the city are located in the French Quarter. Bars in the area range from high-end establishments to dim hole-in-the-wall joints.
  • Contrary to the popular assumption that Bourbon Street gets its name from whiskey, the street gets its name from the Bourbon Dynasty, who ruled France at the time of City's founding.

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