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Come to Madrid, and it's hard not to feel the passion of the people and the sport they follow. A visit to Las Ventas, Madrid's most famous bullfighting stadium, will introduce you to a place that has a long history and a checkered present but will show that passion. On a Las Ventas tour, you will get an insight into this most controversial of sports. You'll learn about the past and the tradition of bullfighting in Spain. You'll look at everything from the perspective of the Matador, the bull, to the audience itself. Then there's the opportunity to look around the stadium and museum. An insightful Madrid tour, make no mistake.
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Combine your tour for a whole lot more: A visit here is up there with some of Madrid's top attractions. Combine your holiday with a hop-on hop-off bus tour, and you'll ensure you get to see all the top places. Festival time: If you want to take in a bullfight, then the San Isidiro fiesta, which occurs during May and June each year, is the time to go. You'll have to pick from sun or shade tickets and get them early. Booking online is your best option.

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