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Experience Delhi with us

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For first-time visitors to India, a Delhi sightseeing tour represents a must-do activity due to the city’s historical sites and its contribution to India’s heritage. Indeed, most travelers first fly into Delhi’s India Gandhi International Airport, joining over 63 million other passengers in 2017. And, just two years prior, Delhi became the 28th most visited city in the world. So, what draws in millions of tourists each year? Well, most vacationers planning a Delhi trip expect to visit at least one of Delhi’s 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Humayun’s Tomb, the Red Fort, and the Qutb Complex. As one of the most breathtaking Hindu mandirs in the world, Akshardham enjoys significant foot traffic, as well. But, really, a Delhi vacation represents most foreigners’ first chance to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of India! So join us and we’ll help you navigate one of the world’s most chaotic capitals!


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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Things to do in Delhi



  • Safe & Sound. Women on a Delhi tour must prioritize safety at all times. For example, you shouldn’t stay out late unless you have your own car. And, if you use the metro at any hour, consider riding in the women’s compartment to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Delhi Belly. Avoid eating the street food unless you possess a truly iron-clad stomach. Then again, even the most adventurous eaters can contract E. coli, a protozoa, or some other stomach bug. You’ve been warned!
  • Life is a Masquerade! The air quality in Delhi has worsened significantly in recent years; so, we advise wearing a mask. If air pollution concerns you, we recommend a proper N95 mask. Otherwise, a paper surgical mask will do the trick.


Best Time To Visit October to March offer the best conditions for your Delhi trip. Embarking on a Delhi sightseeing excursion during this window will avoid the scorching summer and monsoon seasons. The climate of Delhi results from an overlap between a humid subtropical climate and a semi-arid climate, which produces big swings between summer and winter temperatures. Late November to January brings chilly weather. Pack warm clothes if you plan to visit during this time. May through June averages nearly 90 degree highs and certain days can top out at over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You might wish to avoid these months.
Getting Around You can get around in Delhi by using Uber or a similar local company: Ola. Download the app, order a cab, and save yourself the trouble of hailing a cab yourself and arguing over price. The Delhi metro provides an even more economical option. As the fastest available mode of transportation, the metro connects nearly every corner of the city and stops at all the major tourist attractions. If you can, avoid rush hour, which can get pretty hectic.
Stay Safe As a massive metropolis with a burgeoning population of 19 million, New Delhi suffers its fair share of petty crime. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and wearing expensive jewelery, especially in crowded areas and near tourist attractions. To avoid attracting attention, we advise against dressing in flashy manner. Before visiting any country, you should fully research the place, people, and culture to lessen your chances of getting scammed.


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