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A Cancun trip promises pristine beaches, inexpensive alcohol, and spectacular wildlife.  And, because of its affordability, Cancun represents a major tourist destination for recent high school grads, honeymooners, spring breakers, and wayward wanderers.  Those who wish to spend their entire Cancun vacation on the beach will fully enjoy their time spent.  But, some of the best things to do in Cancun involve going out on the water, exploring the downtown area, and visiting some historical sites.  If you’re into water sports, Cancun’s Underwater Museum and the Xcarat Ecological Park present enticing options for snorkeling and scuba diving.  For history buffs, a visit to Chichen Itza or the El Rey Archaeological Zone makes for the best Cancun daytrip.  Enjoy the beaches as much as you can during your Cancun tour.  But, keep in mind that branching out and really exploring your surroundings is what to do in Cancun! 

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Our tips for Cancun

  • Cash Me Outside. It’s best to change your money in your home country before arriving in Cancun.You’ll definitely get a better exchange rate.Also, bring enough cash to avoid using credit cards or bank cards, which charge astronomical fees every time you use them.
  • Montezuma’s Revenge. Avoid drinking the tap water at all costs.While the available water in Cancun might be better than water in other areas of the country, it’s simply not worth the risk to drink it or use it for brushing your teeth.Drink bottled water only for a worry-free trip.
  • City Slickers. Make sure you go into town at least once to have a look around.It will create a more authentic Cancun experience and you’ll get to practice your negotiation skills should you decide to buy anything from the shops.Remember:Everything is negotiable.

Good to know

Best time to visit

Cancun’s weather remains rather inviting throughout the year.  But, for the best weather, you’ll want to arrive between December and April.  You’ll find plenty of sunshine, clear skies, and comfortable evenings.  These months experience less precipitation and humidity, as well.  You can definitely find some great deals during the wet season, which runs from July to October; but, you will also experience some rain and a significant amount of humidity.  If you’re really into wildlife, then the absolute best time to visit Cancun is in the month of May when the whale sharks arrive and the sea turtles make their nests.  And, to avoid crowds, show up on the shores of Cancun during September or October.  Finally, keep in mind that recent high school grads typically arrive in June or July, after the school year ends.  Thousands of teenagers drinking legally for the first time means that things can easily get out of hand.

Getting around

If you want to see everything that Cancun has to offer, you’re going to need wheels.  Check out these useful options:


  • If you’re staying at a resort, make use of the free, private busses that they offer.  At the very least, they’ll get you to and from the airport.  But, you might also find that your resort offers a free shuttle to various Cancun attractions.
  • The local busses are a budget traveller’s dream.  They’ll take you just about anywhere you want to go and the fare is dirt cheap.  A single trip might cost you between 50 cents and a dollar.  What a bargain!
  • If you are an experienced traveller, then the taxis can serve your purposes.  But, because the taxis are quite unregulated, beware of ridiculously inflated prices that still seem reasonable to westerners.  You could easily get charged 300% of the local rate or more if you don’t bargain.
Stay Safe

Because Cancun is a well-known tourist destination, it makes the news when something goes wrong.  Still, Cancun represents a rather safe place to vacation if you follow these tips:


  • Try to arrange all of your taxis through your resort or hotel.Hailing a cab on the street could present a dicey situation because of unregulated fares or nefarious elements posing as respectable cabbies to scam tourists.
  • You pretty much want to stay in the Hotel Zone or Downtown during your Cancun tour.If you venture too far off, you might run into some unhappy locals who aren’t accustomed to dealing with foreigners.
  • Take it easy with the alcohol.Like all tourist hotspots, thieves lurk in plain sight waiting for a drunk patron to leave a bag unattended.And, always watch your beverage because drink spiking has been known to occur on occasion.


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