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Play hide and seek with clear turquoise waters and the balmy sun. Let the sun tan your body and the water cool it down. Let the sparkling white sands trickle through your fingers. Let the romantic Caribbean nights and the unique culinary creations pamper you. Let Cancun overwhelm you Looking for an ideal place to enjoy sun, sand and water in Mexico? Head to Cancun, which is unarguably the showcase beach resort of Mexico with modern infrastructure and amenities. The place is incredibly accommodating you can choose a lifestyle that suits you, from ultra chic to funky or laidback. Sparkling sands and sparkling waters, both invite you. So, sunbathe and swim. And, dont forgo a game of beach volleyball. Just go parasailing, snorkeling, dare surfing, and also try your luck at deep-sea fishing. Want more? Enjoy water-skiing and scuba diving. Or just, relax in a hammock while enjoying the cool sea breeze. Your day at the beach will charge you to dance the night away. Get, set, go! Choose from the all-night discos or from bars ranging from fancy to downright funky. Or just go to a beach club to enjoy music, dance and drink. And yes, dont forget to dot your day and night with Cancuns unique culinary creations. If you are a gourmet, you will find Cancun a paradise. Magnificent sun, white sand, turquoise waters and a happening nightlife it's your turn to enjoy it all and love it all One liner: Play hide and seek with the clear turquoise waters and the balmy sun.

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Things to do in Cancun

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