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Welcome to the jungle. Or, as its better known, Singapore Night Safari. The world’s first night-time zoo holds more than 2,500 animals, with lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), as well as elephants, scorpions and even giant flying squirrels among its legion of exotic creatures. Not letting a pesky little thing like geography get in the way, this explorer experience takes travellers from the foothills of the Himalayas to Asian forests, the harsh Australian outback and beyond, its windy trails and interactive tram rides crafted to promise an epic experience from start to finish. Lending insight into natural environments once only seen in wildlife documentaries, Singapore Night Safari continues to educate, inspire and entertain their yearly 1.1 million visitors day in and out. Those with a penchant for David Attenborough and all things animals will rejoice at this top attraction. So go on, take a walk on the wild side; you won’t be disappointed.

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Singapore Night Safari

  • Our tips for Singapore Night Safari

    Our tips for Singapore Night Safari
    • Bugger off. You’re in the tropics, in Singapore’s largest leftover natural rainforest, so insect repellent is a must.
    • Walk first, drive later. Crowds head straight to the Night Safari’s trams as soon as the park’s gates open at 7.30pm. Your best time-saving tactic will be to start your evening on foot, and pick up a tram to cover other sections of parkland later on.
    • Lights out. Flash photography harms the animals and any camera flashes will result in a serious warning from park authorities, so be sure to flick your camera’s flash off before entering the Night Safari.
  • Good to know

    Good to know
    Best Time To Visit Singapore Night Safari is open from 7.30pm to 12pm daily, while the park’s shops and restaurants open every evening from 6pm, so arriving before opening hours to grab a bite is a good idea. Out of Singapore’s peak tourist season, February through to April is the ideal time to grab Singapore Night Safari tickets, with weather pleasantly warm, yet not unbearably hot.
    Getting There About a 30-minute drive from the city, Singapore Night Safari is well connected by public transport systems and has plenty of parking available for cars and taxis. If you opt for public transport, hop on the MRT on the North-South red line, and transit to the connecting bus services. Buses and trains come often and are clearly marked, so getting to this hotspot is likely to be a breeze.
    Money Saving Tips There are many ways to experience the Singapore Night Safari on the cheap. Our top tip? Bring a packed dinner, with plenty of water and snacks. The park allows food and drinks to be brought in, but be sure to clean up after yourself. Our Singapore Night Safari tickets offer the latest and greatest deals, so you can save some significant dough there, too.
    Did you know? Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about the Singapore Night Safari…
    • More than 2,500 animals currently call the Night Safari home. These animals represent 130 species, 37% of which are endangered.
    • The lighting at Night Safari was designed to reproduce the light found in jungles at full moon. Formerly responsible for lighting on 300+ shows on London’s West End, including Phantom of the Opera, British consultant Simon Corder directed the creation of this intricate lighting system.
    • Baby Malayan tigers, elephants, leopards, fishing cats and lions all roam the park’s grounds – so keep an eye out for these little cuties!

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