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Singapore Night Safari Tickets

As the sun sets, brace yourself for the ultimate night safari as you come face to face with more than 2500 nocturnal animals! With your Singapore Night Safari Tickets, you can experience a thrilling journey into the wild, where you can observe the nightly rituals of animals and discover 7 geographical zones on a riveting tram ride. The world’s very first wildlife park is in Singapore and this is where you come face to face with nocturnal animals like tapirs, pangolins and clouded leopards. A nighttime trek through the jungles will reveal the most fascinating wildlife like the fishing cat and binturong, and the cheeky antics and feeding rituals of the Asian elephants will have you in thrall.


Good to know

Best time to visit

Night Safari is open from Thursdays to Sundays, as well as eve of and on public holidays. There are different time slots for Singapore Night Safari tickets, but 7:30pm is the best time to visit. Reach a little earlier to see the fire show right outside the door followed by the creatures of the night show.

If it works, go on weekdays to avoid the weekend rush and long waiting lines.

Getting there

Although some tickets have transport included in them, this being one of city’s biggest attractions, there are many ways to get there: there are several buses and shuttles from the North-south lines. You could also take a cab to the attraction.

Money saving tips

There’s no getting past it, that tickets can be expensive. Your best bet for conserving money is by booking tickets well in advance, and looking out for any extra deals that may suit your group.

Did you know?

Check out some fun facts to whet your appetite:

• Currently has about 900 animals representing 100 species.

• The project took all of 4 years to plan and an extra 3 years to build.

• The first-ever Sunda pangolin to be born in captivity took place at the Night Safari on Valentine’s Day in 2010.

• A 34-year old Malayan tapir named Manis (Sweet) is the oldest living tapir to survive in captivity.

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