Amplify the charm of Vietnam’s vibrant capital by exploring Hanoi’s waterways on a guided Hanoi river cruise. Catch the glimpse of Hanoi’s aquatic life and enjoy local culture by taking a Hanoi boat tour. The tour lets you explore the ancient caves and many hidden gems while sipping a bubbly on the tranquil waters along the Halong Bay. The adventurer in you will thank you for taking this boat trip that is sure to leave you in awe. Sit back, unwind, take pictures, ride along the waves, delve into local cuisine and uncover hidden treasures while sailing along the Halong Bay. Make sure to book in advance to not miss your spot!
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Our tips for Cruises

  • Check Inclusions. Ensure you are aware of the inclusions in your cruise package. While some cruises cover meals, activities, and transfers, others may entail additional charges for specific services.
  • Snap it Away. Consider selecting a cruise that offers the opportunity to witness the sunset over the water. This can create a magical and lasting memory.
  • Stay Refreshed. Pack a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated, especially during warmer weather on your cruise. While some cruises may offer water, it's advisable to have your own supply.
  • Familiarize with Local Phrases. Enhance your interactions and cultural immersion by learning a few fundamental Vietnamese phrases. This small effort can greatly enrich your travel experience.
  • Try Onshore Excursions. Make the most of your time off the boat by participating in onshore activities outlined in your cruise itinerary. Explore local villages, landmarks, and engage in cultural experiences for a well-rounded adventure.

Good to know

The Red River, referred to as "Hong Ha" in Vietnamese, courses through Hanoi, serving as a crucial water route for transportation, agriculture, and daily activities, holding immense historical and cultural significance in the region. Hanoi's rivers, the Red River included, play a vital role in the traditional art of water puppetry, an ancient form of entertainment originating as a diversion for farmers during the flooding season. Adorning the city's waterways are charming islets like Truc Bach and West Lake, providing serene havens amidst the bustling urban milieu. In 1994, Halong Bay attained UNESCO World Heritage status, recognizing its exceptional natural beauty and geological importance, establishing it as an essential destination to explore. The captivating allure of Halong Bay has turned it into a sought-after filming location, gracing the backdrop of renowned movies such as the 1992 film "Indochine," featuring Catherine Deneuve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time of year to book Hanoi Cruises?

    Hanoi cruises operate throughout the year, but the optimal time for such experiences typically falls between October and April. During this period, the weather is generally more favorable, featuring cooler temperatures and a lower likelihood of rainfall.

  • Q: How long are typical Hanoi cruises?

    Hanoi cruises come in various durations. Day cruises are brief, usually lasting a few hours, whereas overnight cruises can span multiple days. You can select a cruise that aligns with your schedule and personal preferences.

  • Q: What activities are typically included in Hanoi cruises?

    The activities on Hanoi cruises may differ an depend on the type of cruise. Many cruises include onshore excursions, trips to local villages, cultural performances, as well as water-based activities like kayaking or boat rides. Some cruises also offer cooking classes.

  • Q: Are English-speaking guides available on Hanoi cruises?

    The majority of Hanoi cruises offer guides who communicate in English, aiming to enrich your experience by offering insights into the local culture and history.

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