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Body Worlds Tickets

Peel back the layers of the human body to uncover its hidden workings during an Amsterdam Body Worlds trip!  Both fascinating and controversial, Body Worlds has been educating people of all ages for years by revealing what lies beneath the skin.  Using the process of plastination, actual human bodies are preserved and dissected to feature the various systems of the human body.  And, you can discover it all for yourself during an Amsterdam Body Worlds tour.  Discover the differences between healthy, athletic specimens and unhealthy, overweight ones.  Check out various animal specimens that have gone through the same plastination process.  And, see what bad habits can do to our vital organs.  It’s what to do in Amsterdam! Why not pick up some Skip-the-line Amsterdam Body Worlds tickets and save yourself some time?  Or, combine an Amsterdam Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour with an Amsterdam Body Worlds experience and save yourself some money?  You can even pick up a Combo Saver Ticket that pairs Body Worlds with a 1-hour Canal Cruise.  It’s one of the most interesting things to do in Amsterdam!




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Our tips for Body Worlds

• Not So Fast. If you’re the type who is easily unsettled, try to avoid eating right before your Amsterdam Body Worlds trip.

• Health Kick?Booking an Amsterdam Body Worlds tour is a great idea if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.A high percentage of visitors report eating healthier and quitting bad habits afterwards.

• A Tad Sketchy.If you’re an artist, consider booking your Body Worlds visit for one of the monthly Artist Days, when you can sit and draw the specimens for as long as you want.


Insider Tip –

Bringing the kids?  That’s great!  Enhance your Amsterdam Body Worlds trip by booking it online for the one day of the month when Junior Doctor Kids Tours is held.  Having a medical professional lead your tour group really enhances the Body Worlds experience! 

Good to know

Best time to visit

Anytime is the best time to visit Amsterdam Body Worlds!  It’s an indoor, climate-controlled facility.  But, if weather is still important to you, then a summertime Amsterdam trip probably makes the most sense.  However, like most destinations in Europe, Amsterdam becomes the most crowded between June and August.  If you’d like to avoid the tourist hordes, then try booking your Amsterdam vacation for April, May, or September.  These months represent the ideal shoulder seasons, providing decent weather and far less crowding than summer.  Winter can be quite chilly; and, many of the shops and stalls that cater to tourists pack up until spring.  The best time to visit Amsterdam Body Worlds on a given day is either right when the doors open or shortly before closing time.  But, if you plan on visiting in the evening, make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy all exhibits.  Being forced to rush through the various displays at Body Worlds is one of the most disappointing things to do in Amsterdam!

Getting there

Getting to Amsterdam Body Worlds in City Centre is a snap!  Amsterdam is home to a variety of transportation options; so you’ll find a bunch of different ways to get there.  If you’re taking the tram, the nearest tram stop is Dam/De Bijenkorf, which services trams 4, 9, 16, and 24.  From that stop, it’s just about a 1-minute walk to Amsterdam Body Worlds.  Another option, the Dam stop by Magna Plaza, services trams 1, 2, 5, 13, 14, and 17.  If you alight at the Dam stop, you’ll need to walk for nearly 5 minutes to arrive at Body Worlds.  Individuals who have rented a car can park at Park De Bijenkorf at Beursplein 15 or Park de Kolk at Nieuwezijds Kolk 18.  Taxis represent a rather comfortable and efficient way to get to Amsterdam Body Worlds.  But, it’s one of the most expensive ways to get around Amsterdam.  Cycling is a very popular mode of transportation in the city.  From Amsterdam Central Station, it’s just a two minute ride straight over the Damrak and Amsterdam Body Worlds will be on your right.  Pedaling around town is what to do in Amsterdam if you want to get around like a local.

Did you know?

• The technology used to create Body Worlds was created by Gunter von Hagens, a German anatomist.

• It takes a little less than 4 months to fully prepare a human body to be displayed at a Body Worlds exhibit.

• Famously, a giraffe specimen took over 3 years to plastinate at Von Hagens China laboratory.It weighs almost exactly the same as did when it was alive.

• In 2011, Gunter von Hagens suggested he plans to have his own body plastinated and exhibited around the globe!

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