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Whether you’re planning an Algarve day trip or have decided to stay a little longer, you’ve probably already started looking at which beaches are the most beautiful, natural, or secluded!  And, that’s to be expected before any Algarve tour.  But, there are plenty of things to do in Algarve that don’t involve the beaches.  Head inland for quaint villages, ancient ruins, majestic castles, and friendly locals.  Or, maybe you’d like to check out Cape St. Vincent and its famous lighthouse on the southwest tip of Portugal.  Then again, perhaps a boat tour launched from the rocky cliffs of Ponta da Piedade would do the trick.  And, if the kids get bored with the sand and sun, then maybe a trip to a local water park is in order, like Aquashow Park, Slide & Splash, or Zoomarine Algarve.  It’s what to do in Algarve when you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush!

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Our tips for Algarve

  • Hop.Hop.Hop. An Algarve trip is all about finding the right beach for you. So, don’t sit on the same patch of sand for your entire vacation.Roam around and check out at least a few beaches before finally settling on one.
  • Go North. While the beaches steal center stage, the towns situated in the middle of Algarve offer plenty of history and culture.Explore the castles and ancient Roman ruins in Silves, Loule, and other inland settlements.
  • Think Small. Although the allure of larger cities like Faro and Lagos draw in the tourists with their high-end amenities, there’s something to be said about finding accommodations in one of the smaller towns. The quaint surroundings and friendly locals just might suck you in.

Good to know

Best time to visit

As a coastal retreat, Algarve draws most of its visitors during the summer months. The clear skies and hot sun make a dip in the ocean irresistible. But, the shoulder months present an enticing option for an Algarve holiday, as well. The climate is a tad milder, the beaches less crowded and you can sometimes find great deals on hotel rooms. The winter months create a bit of a challenge: You just never know when it’s going to rain. Get lucky with weather and you could save significant funds on flights and accommodations while enjoying the same Algarve trip you would have if you arrived in the summer. But, if it rains during your entire Algarve tour, don’t act surprised!

Getting around

If you’re not renting a car and making a road trip out of your Algarve vacation, then here are the most popular alternatives:


  • Perhaps surprisingly, Algarve’s trains present a clean, efficient, and on-time mode of transportation throughout the region. The main line runs all the way along the coast, from Lagos in the west all the way to the Spanish border in the east.
  • Algarve’s busses are privatized, offering competitive prices and comfortable travel.  Eva Transportes offers special passes that allow unlimited use for 3 or 7 days. If you plan on staying for more than 3 days, opt for the 7 day pass, which is nominally more expensive.
  • While taxis in Algarve still offer simplicity of use and surprisingly low prices, Uber has definitely taken hold in the cities. Cheaper fares and easy accessibility through the Uber app all but assures this trend will continue.
Stay Safe

An Algarve trip is all about the sand, sun, and fun. But, there is such a thing as having too much fun.  Here are some safety tips:


  • Drink spiking has been known to occur in some of the more touristy areas. Make sure you watch your drink carefully like you would on any night out.
  • All drugs have been decriminalized in Portugal.But, that doesn’t mean that the unknown substance you just got pressured to buy while walking the beach is safe. It could be anything; so, unless you’ve brought along a purity testing kit, it’s best to avoid the street drugs.
  • Don’t get swept away and overdo it with the alcohol. You definitely want to have a good time, but there are still a few ne’er-do-wells that look to prey on obviously drunk tourists and steal your valuables.

Things to do in Algarve

Cities Near Algarve

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