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There is always something special about the South of the Lombok Island when travelling Indonesia . Visit Sukarara for its traditional weaving ambience which is 25 km south east of Mataram in Lombok . Sukara is famous for traditional hand woven fabrics. For a culture tour, visit Rambitan, a traditional sasak village located on the hill 8 km from Kuta beach of Lombok . The houses and barns here are built in the age-old traditional style covered with rice straw. You could get a glimpse into the lives of “sasaks”-the natives of Lombok . A tour of Sasak culture includes art villages like Sukarara, Sengkol, Banyumulek and Rambitan. These villages are involved in traditional arts of weaving, pottery, dyeing and wax arts. Visit the Kuta Beach or diver's paradise for diving and cruising in tranquillity. The Kuta Beach of Indonesia provides one of the most scenic and natural beaches. Once a year the nyale fish come ashore at Kuta. Kuta invites the adventurous diver, and promises something special for the whole family as well!

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Things to do in South Lombok

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