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Komodo Island , famous for the Komodo National Park , is located between Sumbawa and Flores in the Lesser Sunda chain of islands. Take a trip to Komodo, a three day trip from Bali on a luxury liner boat. The area is a reserved national park and you could even get to see reptiles at a close range. This national marine reserve is known to protect the underwater life on these islands. The hero of these islands is the Komodo dragon ; a gigantic and carnivorous lizard which is known to be the largest living lizard in the world ( 6.5-10 feet ) and is also called the ‘ ora' but unfortunately is nearing extinction. Rinca is an island located east of Komodo, also a part of the National Park. At Komodo and Rinca, you can enjoy isolated beaches and underwater gardens with abundance of marine life. There are barren hills with a few palm trees here and there. Visit the isolated Bugis Island around the islands for swimming and snorkelling. South of Rinca is said to have some of the best diving sites in Asia .

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Things to do in Komodo & Rinca Island

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