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Visit Queenstown, and you'll soon discover how gorgeous a place it is. Add that this city is the adventure capital of the world and offers some of New Zealand's most spectacular countryside you'd be forgiven for thinking that it can't possibly provide anything else? Time to think again. Book Lake Wanaka tours, and you can add this stunning lake to your itinerary. Before you even arrive at the lake, the journey will provide plenty of surprises. Viewing platforms line the route there, and you'll undoubtedly get the chance to stop off and take some snaps! And when you do arrive, you'll be snappy away some more as you take in the lake and photograph New Zealand's most famous tree: the Wanaka tree. Then enjoy wandering through the town, the shops and cafes, and walks along the lake on your Lake Wanaka Tours. It's a day away with nature. What more could you ask for?
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This is a year-round destination, with Queenstown sightseeing crowds reaching their peak in summer and winter. Visit Queenstown attractions in autumn (March to October) and spring (October to November) for less tourists and cheaper rates.

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