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This is very surreal; all bubbling mud, hot spas and an olfactory assault just like chemistry lessons in school. The geothermal headquarter of New Zealand, the stinky town of Rotorua, with its fantastic neo Tudor architecture, was voted the Most Beautiful City in New Zealand in 2002. Roturua's specialty is its unbeatable Maori hospitality very much like its neighbour, Waikato. This place is very serious about its green fingers. In Hamilton, the gardens even have a theme, called "story of gardens", with variety ranging from a traditional herb garden to an American Modernist Garden. The shining point in the Waikato region is the Glow Worm Caves in Waitomo. Waft along in silence (you might want to smother a creature or two) through the lake caves underneath a roof of twinkling glowworms.

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Things to do in Waikato & Hamilton

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