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Head to Queenstown, and you're entering some of New Zealand's most outstanding areas, with stunning natural landscapes and scenery that is picture-postcard perfect. Unrivalled and worth every second of your time exploring. Book Queenstown cruises, hop on a jet boat or sit back in comfort and cruise, enjoying the landscape as its passes by. Head to Lake Wakatipu or cruise down the glacier-fed river. These are nature cruises that will delight anyone, young or old. Seek out the wildlife of Milford Sound and be in awe of the ancient landscape surrounding you. Cruising may never be quite so fun and exciting as this!
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Our tips for Cruises

  • Reserve in Advance. Queenstown's sought-after cruises often reach capacity swiftly, particularly during peak tourist seasons. To guarantee your spot, it's wise to make advance reservations.
  • Dress Appropriate to the Weather. Adapt your attire to the prevailing weather conditions, as Queenstown's climate can be changeable. Layered clothing is a practical choice, and remember to pack essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat for sunny days.
  • Arrive Promptly. Arriving a bit early at the departure location ensures ample time for boarding and settling in comfortably.
  • Adhere to the Schedule. Queenstown's cruises adhere to specific timetables, so timeliness is crucial to avoid missing your cruise. Verify departure times in advance to be well-prepared.
  • Photography Gear. If you're an enthusiast of photography, don't neglect your camera or smartphone. The Queenstown landscape offers exceptionally picturesque scenes, perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Good to know

The Kawarau River achieved worldwide acclaim as the birthplace of the inaugural commercial bungee jumping operation. It was in 1988 that A.J. Hackett introduced the world's first commercial bungee jumping venture, launching from the historic Kawarau Bridge and solidifying it as a global adventure destination. Moreover, the Kawarau River boasts a historical significance tied to the Central Otago Gold Rush in the 1860s. It was in the confines of this river that gold was discovered, inciting a fervent rush of prospectors who sought their fortunes along its banks. Furthermore, the rivers in the Queenstown area, including the nearby Wakatipu and Clutha Rivers, are celebrated as havens for fly fishing enthusiasts. Their waters are inhabited by an array of fish species, notably brown and rainbow trout, making the region a veritable paradise for fly fishermen. Additionally, certain rivers and their environs in the Queenstown locale served as filming locations for the "Lord of the Rings" film series. This cinematic connection enhances the region's appeal, especially for devoted fans of the franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time to take a cruise in Queenstown?

    The optimal timing for a cruise hinges on your individual preferences. Queenstown's lakes and rivers exude beauty throughout the entire year, although the climate and landscape may change with the shifting seasons. Therefore, it's advisable to contemplate the type of experience you desire and make your selection accordingly.

  • Q: Is there narration or a guide on board to provide information during the cruise?

    Numerous Queenstown cruises feature informative narration delivered by experienced guides or pre-recorded audio, which imparts valuable knowledge about the area's history, geography, and noteworthy landmarks.

  • Q: What is the duration of a typical Queenstown cruise?

    The length of a cruise can vary significantly. Brief sightseeing cruises may span just an hour or two, whereas dinner cruises or more extensive excursions can endure for several hours.

  • Q: Is photography allowed during the cruise?

    Photography is typically permitted on Queenstown cruises, and the breathtaking landscapes offer abundant chances to capture stunning photographs.

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