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Seine Cruises

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Pumping life into the city of Paris with every gallon that passes its banks, the Seine provides commerce, recreation, and relaxation for locals and tourists alike. With its colorful and sometimes dark history now behind it, a Seine cruise is now what to do while in Paris. Whether you are on the water during the day, at sunset, or in the evening, a Seine cruise promises unique, jaw-dropping views of Paris that can’t be had on foot. So, lace up your deck shoes, pop a Dramamine, and get ready for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience along the Seine.
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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Seine Cruises


OUR TIPS FOR Seine Cruises

  • Ditch the heels. An elegant night out in Paris can be quickly ruined by a broken ankle. Wear flat shoes during your Seine dinner cruise.
  • Plan ahead. Paris is a bustling big city! Make reservations for restaurants, hotels, and cruises along the Seine. Otherwise, you might be disappointed.
  • Expect the unexpected. The height of the Seine varies by season. Don’t be surprised if you’re forced to go belowdecks so the boat can squeeze under a bridge.


Best Time To Visit The Seine never stops flowing. And, since it’s available 365 days a year, a Seine cruise is always a good idea. While the weather in Paris is best during late spring or early fall, summer and winter have their advantages, too! If you find yourself in Paris during a particularly steamy summer, a cruise along the Seine provides a welcome respite from the heat. And, during a winter Seine cruise, braving the cold brings the reward of seeing Paris all lit up for the holidays. Regardless of when you embark, bringing along a small umbrella can prove useful during any season.
Getting Around The Seine is a 777-kilometer river starting in northeast France, flowing through the heart of Paris, and emptying into the English Channel. So, it’s not difficult to find. With that said, most visitors first encounter the Seine while in the capital. And, it’s really a matter of where you’d like to enjoy the Seine. Want to sit on the banks near the Eiffel Tower before your Seine cruise? Then, take the RER C train line to the Champs de Mars/Tour Eiffel station. Fancy a picnic on the Seine near Notre Dame? Take the RER B or C train line to the St. Michel/Notre Dame station.
Money Saving Tips Low on cash? Perhaps an extravagant dinner cruise along the Seine isn’t in the cards. But, don’t worry! You’ll find that a lunch cruise is much more affordable. And, if you book the right timeslot, you can add value to your experience by enjoying daytime, sunset, and evening views of Paris all on one cruise! Smart.
Did you know? Impress your friends by rattling off these Seine cruise factoids.
  • Over 60 percent of the 483-mile-long Seine is navigable by commercial ships and nearly all of it is available for recreational vessels.
  • Within Paris alone, the Seine is crossed by 37 bridges.
  • The Seine gets its name from the Gallo-Roman goddess Sequana. The Gaulish Sequani tribe would offer her wood, stone, and metal body parts in return for physical healing.
  • After burning at the stake in 1431, Joan of Arc’s ashes were thrown into the Seine from Mathilde Bridge in Rouen.


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