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Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is its beating heart. A city as cosmopolitan as any, a concrete jungle full of life and daily activity. It makes for the perfect foil to the natural landscape that is found beyond. Spend time here and explore the city, its sights and sounds. The national museum is a fantastic place to get your Nairobi history and culture. But don’t think you have to travel far to get a fix for the wildlife. Even Nairobi has its own wildlife attractions, yep, right on its doorstep. With several reserves nearby dedicated to caring for elephants, giraffes and rhinos. Then you can head back for the city’s culinary pleasures and nightlife. Nairobi has plenty to offer, embrace and enjoy.
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Our tips for Nairobi

  • Carry a scarf: It’ll be a good idea to pack a scarf among your baggage. Not only are they good for staying warm or if you’re visiting a place that needs more modesty. Also, if it does get hot, dip it in water and wrap it around your neck to cool down. Perfect.
  • Look out for the Nairobi Bump: This is when someone bumps into you in the street, accidentally! They will apologise but will have also lifted your wallet or phone. Keep your wits about you.

Good to know

Best time to visit

You’re best to visit Nairobi during the dry season, that’s from late June to October. It’s the best time to view the wildlife when you head out to the reserves. And it’s good to know that with Nairobi’s elevation the year-round temperatures mean it’s often quite mild.

Getting around

Unless you are on an organised tour around the city, taxis are the most popular way for visitors to get about. You’ll find licensed taxis have a yellow stripe and are found on most street corners in the centre of the city. They will also be outside the popular tourist attractions.

Stay Safe

It’s a good idea to be aware of your surroundings when in Nairobi. The city is generally a safe place during the day, going alone to various places around the city at night is a no go. Stay in the tourist areas, keep your belongings in a safe place and enjoy.

Things to do in Nairobi

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