Experience Samburu with us

Spend a magical night in Samburu, with the song of jackals and the whoop of hyenas providing the soundtrack. The lack of humidity makes for incredibly bright starlight, almost as bright as moonlight. Watch a leopard in broad daylight – the area is renowned for sightings of these elusive, beautiful cats. Samburu marks the transition between the East African highlands and the Sahel . As well as big game, youll find unusual semi-desert species here, like reticulated giraffe. The journey here is spectacular – over the mountains from Nairobi , with Samburu warriors waving at you from the roads, their camel trains kicking up the dust.
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Our tips for Samburu

  • Pack light and blend in: You’ll want to pack light for your trip to Samburu, a waterproof backpack is perfect. And it’s best to blend in with the environment. Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and natural colours trousers. Hat and sunglasses too.
  • Don’t forget the binoculars: It’s a given, but worth remembering. Bring your camera and binoculars. Well, you’ll want to see the animals, won’t you? 

Good to know

Samburu is a year-round destination, but to capture the best of the wildlife the dry months from June to October and December to March are best. Heading during the wet season (November, April and May) will likely mean not seeing as much of the stunning wildlife. If you like bird watching, then this really is the time to come.

Cities Near Samburu

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