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Gdansk is a town with a storyline that narrates greatness. Bombed to ruins during WWII, the old city centre of Gdansk has been restored to its towering glory, reflecting the city âs spirit of rising from the ashes to rise like a phoenix. See the restored Hanseatic architecture at its finest. Wander about Gdansk's sweeping boulevards, and discover a city that still resonates with the splendour of its past status as the most bountiful port on the Baltic. Stroll through the Main Town and see the precious monuments situated along the Royal Way- Dluga Street and Dlugi Targ. Visit the Dlugi Targ, home to the symbol of the city - the monument of Neptun. You can also see the renaissance Town Hall built in 1330. The building âs greatest attraction is the beautiful 81 m high soaring tower. On the top of the tower, there is a helmet with gilded statue of Sigismund August from 1561. Inside the town hall, you can browse through the History of Gdansk Museum. This museum is worth visiting even if for its wonderful council room. You can also visit one of Europe's biggest gothic brick churches of St Mary.

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Our tips for Gdansk

  • Ring that cab: If you are going to take a taxi, your best bet is to book a taxi by phone rather than take one from a rank. More accessible, and the chances are they won't overcharge you.
  • Tour it all: Book a tour that ensures you see the top places like the old town, the monuments, castles and the cathedral.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The summer months between May and September are the best times to visit. This is because it's often pleasantly warm, whereas the dark days of winter can get very cold!    

Getting around

There are several ways to get around Gdansk. You can book a hire car, especially if you're heading out of town, or you can take a taxi to get around. Otherwise, Public Transport is safe, efficient, and cheap. You can take trams, buses or the metro and that way enjoy a proper Gdansk experience.

Stay Safe

You'll find Gdansk to be a safe city to visit and walk around. Though always be careful of pickpockets and scammers.

  • Keep all belongings in view if out and about or safely stored away at your accommodation. And stay in well-lit and tourist areas. 
  • Be careful as Polish taxi drivers have a bit of a reputation for fare charging.
  • Ordering a taxi by phone is often cheaper, and many employ German and English speakers. Try to avoid those taxi ranks.

Cities Near Gdansk

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