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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, covers an area of more than 453 square kilometres. The centre of Cairo, Tahrir Square, has many places of tourist interest: the Egyptian Museum, the Arab League headquarters and the Umar Makram mosque. The ancient pyramids of Egypt, tombs for the Pharaohs, and the statue of the Sphinx, Egypt’s most famous monument, are located just west of Cairo in the suburb of Giza. Other tourist attractions in Cairo include the Opera House, equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, the Cairo International Conference Center located in Madinet Nasr, the Cairo Tower which is over 180 metres high and the Pharaonic village which displays the lifestyle of ancient Egyptians. These and various public gardens such as the Zoological Gardens in Giza and the Andalusian Gardens overlooking the Nile make Cairo a must-visit on any tourist’s itinerary.

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Things to do in Cairo

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