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Tangier is a classic Moroccan city with a medina, souks (markets) and beaches. The beaches are clean and beautiful and offer a range of activities: camel rides, windsurfing and football. Beach bars open only during the summers and most of them have cabaret shows at night. Close to the city are two popular campsites – Miramonte and Tingis with several beaches at a close distance. Tangier island is popular with celebrities and you can find millionaire yachts at the beaches here. This is the real model for the famous American movie, Casablanca. Visit Place de France, a small, French-looking square, see the 800 year old banyan tree at the Grand Socco market square and visit the caves of Hercules for its archaeological significance. Let time fly by at Tangier with its island cruises and camps on this holiday in Morocco.

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Things to do in Tangier

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