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Drenched in sunshine, tourists and Tuk Tuks, the streets of Phuket are nothing if not exciting. Despite being on Thailand’s well-trodden tourist trail, Phuket’s beautiful beaches, enticing local eats, rich art and cultural scenes and diverse neighbourhoods makes it a destination well worth visiting. A quick wander down streets clogged with Sino-Portuguese architecture housing cute coffee shops, vibrant galleries, bright textiles stores, fantastic cheap restaurants and bargain boutique shops, and you’ll see what all the Phuket fuss is about.

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Things to do in Phuket island

  • Our tips for Phuket island

    Our tips for Phuket island
    • Don’t settle for Patong. While many travellers opt for accommodation nearby the central Patong beach, for the best Phuket sightseeing experience, head to the quieter (and much more picturesque) beaches further south. Our favourites are the charming Nai Hahn and Kata Noi beaches.
    • Say Wat. Most of the Thai population are Buddhist, and one of the most amazing things to do in Phuket is visit a local Buddhist temple, known as a “wat”. While foreigners are more than welcome, be sure to behave respectfully at all times and dress conservatively.
  • Good to know

    Good to know
    Best Time To Visit If you’re after a beach holiday, you’re best bet is planning your Phuket tours for the months of December and January. These month’s promise a perfect climate where maximum sunshine and minimum rainfall combine, so when considering what to do in Phuket, and when to do it, keep December and January in mind.
    Getting Around Navigating Phuket can be testing. Here’s our travel breakdown of the best ways to find your way through this city…
    • Hopping on the back of a Taxi bike may be a great way to scoot past dense traffic, but be sure to ask for a helmet and negotiate a price for your trip before riding.
    • A must-do Phuket attraction of its own, Thailand’s Tuk Tuks are another great mode of transport in this busy region. Notorious for overcharging unknowing tourists, again be sure to negotiate the price for your Phuket day tour before your journey.
    • When considering what to do in Phuket, many travellers opt for a car or motorbike rental, which grants them the freedom to visit the beaches and take the Phuket day trips as it suits them. Just be sure to research the hire car company and dealerships first.
    Stay Safe It’s always important to apply caution and common sense during your travels. Keep these tips in tow so your trip can go off without a hitch…
    • Be careful of pickpockets in well-known tourist areas, particularly at times when it is very crowded. Thieves are known for targeting those night-time revellers who have had a few too many. Take particular care when approached by seemingly friendly locals late at night. Katoeys or "lady-boys" have a particularly bad reputation for this.
    • Keep your belongings close to hand at all times.
    • Be wary of any locals who unsolicited, offers you the chance to buy cheap gems and jewels. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, more often than not, it is.

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