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Willing to let the adventurer in you be ensnared by breathtaking adventures? Longing to stroll around great mansions and cathedrals and relax at exquisite beaches? Lima, also known as Ciudad de los Reyes (City of Kings), has rolled the red carpet for you. With its colonial past, modern outlook, festive nature, and genuinely friendly people, Lima has all the credentials to be your perfect vacation kingdom. With its curious mix of modernity and medieval regality, Lima will enthrall the king or queen in you. One moment, you may be absorbed and enchanted with its imposing colonial mansions, convents and churches; and the other moment, you will be fascinated and enraptured with the millennial Peruvian past in its archaeology, history, art, and Inca heritage. On the hedonic side, you will love its cultural and night amusement, luxurious casinos, and of course, the exquisite and varied Peruvian food. If you are a water lover, the numerous beaches, resorts, and nautical clubs in and around Lima will turn you delirious. The sand and stone beaches like Miraflores, Barranco, Chorrillos, La Punta and Cantolao, offer you a great deal of fun and excitement. You will love the green colour of the water. The ravine beaches of El Silencio, Caballeros and Señoritas, with their medium height waves, provide an altogether different surfing experience. And when you come out of the water, you can head to the National Reservation Swamps of Villa to be one with diverse species of birds. You can even go to the National Reservation of Lachay, to witness an oasis in the desert. Come dusk, you can soak up in the energetic nightlife. Feeling a need for a kingly retreat, and a feast for your senses. Why not head for Lima?

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