Iguazu Falls
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The name Iguazu in Guarani literally means Big Water and big the falls certainly are. One look at the massive two-mile-spanning Iguazu Falls, and Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed: Poor Niagara! Four times as wide as Niagara falls, falling 269 feet deep, blessed with a tropical location, virgin jungles and spectacular beauty the falls truly deserve their status as a World Heritage site. You can hear the roaring thunder of the Iguazu falls from miles away. Of more than 275 different falls, Devils Throat is perhaps the best known of the Iguazu Falls. Feel the power of water at the Devils Throat 14 falls dropping 350 feet with massive force, creating a 100-foot cloud overhead. If you love adventure, hike through tropical forests, climb up close to the falls and peer into the sheet of falling force. And if you fancy heights, you could catch an elevator to the top of the falls for a majestic view of the natural wonder. Sit beside the falls in the lap of nature, and enjoy the misty spray! Splash around and absorb the thunder deep inside! For the less adventurous, helicopter rides are available to take you around the Iguazu Falls. Or you could step into a boat to make an acquaintance with the waterfalls. If you feel like swimming, have a dip at some of the quieter places, or just enjoying the misty spray breaking away from the gigantic waterfalls. For a soothing experience, take a bird-watching hike in the National Park. Or hit a jungle trail jungle, enjoying the beautiful wild flora and fauna. Whatever your yen, you cant help be captivated by the sheer beauty of the Iguazu Falls.

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