Wanna dance to Latino beats? Like to see a sunrise at the sandy beaches and enjoy dusk in the snow-capped Andean peaks? Come to Santiago - the political, economical and geographical capital of Chile, a destination of snow, sand, and fun! For the ardent sightseer there is a lot to see in the various museums, Cathedrals and city parks. Out of all the museums, a have-to-visit is the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolumbino, exhibiting splendid remnants of the pre-Columbian rule of some 4500 years back. You can relive the past while gazing at exquisite figurative ceramics and intricate textile works. Check out the halls for collections of Mexico and Central America, Peru and Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, and modern Chile and Argentina. A trip to this museum gives you a complete insight to the cultural history of not only Chile but the whole of South America, an amazing experience, to say the least. The heartbeat of the city since the colonial era, you mustnt miss the incredible Plaza de Armas, Arms Square. Laid out in Spanish style, with the impressive Metropolitan Cathedral and the ornate Correos Central, central post office, on its either sides, Plaza de Armas is the place to be. You may well wonder what is so special about old Spanish buildings that makes this a place to be. The answer lies in a visit to the square in the evening where you can see local artists exhibiting their canvasses and people mulling over the next move in the various chess matches played on trestle tables right there in the square. And, do you feel the need to exercise some lazy muscles. Come to Parque Metropolitano, the largest open space in Santiago, a haven for cyclists, joggers and walkers. Metropolitano also boasts of lovely gardens, swimming pools and a zoo. While in Santiago, you can visit the excellent ski resorts on the Andean slopes of EI Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado, situated an hours drive from the city. Yearning for salty sprays and coastal sand? Head to the famous beaches of Rennaca and Concon in the Chilean port city- Vina del Mar. Ski on snowy slopes, lie on sandy beaches all in a single day! If you want a quiet evening but not in the suburbs, take a walk through the various parks of Santiago. In the Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro Santa Lucia you can enjoy a splendid view of the snow-capped Andes, hike around the forested slopes and enjoy barbeque suppers. If dancing to Latino beats is your way of having fun, Bellavista is the place for you. Arrays of handicraft shops, small cafes, and lively crowds greet you in Bellavista. Chill with Chilean wine and gyrate to the Latino rhythms of live music played in the restaurants of Bellavista, boogie your night away in style! Rich culture, beautiful parks, historical buildings and a happening nightlife youll find it all under the Andean sky in Santiago, the city on the fly. One-liner: Experience the charming blend of Santiagos contemporary lifestyle and colourful past.
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