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Swing to the rhythm of the samba as pounding drumbeats fill the night air. Sample delicious African cuisine in the capital city of Salvador. Laze around on idyllic white sand beaches….Visit the ‘African soul of Brazil’ and choose from an array of activities and experiences on this Brazilian vacation. With a stunning coastline and endless stretches of powder soft beaches, Bahia is a popular holiday destination. Added to this, a seamless blend of Victorian history and African culture has given Bahia a unique appeal. Explore the Bahian capital of Salvador for a sense of Brazil’s Spanish colonial legacy. Stroll around Pelourinho and travel back to the days of the slave trade. A night out in Bahia is also something you will not want to miss. Watch the ‘Candomble’ (dance in honour of Gods) and the ‘capoeira’, a martial art/dance of Angolan origin. Not to be left out, swirling samba dancers will have you raring to join in the revelry. If you like a big party, the Bahia carnival will make you want to stay on forever. And that’s not all! You can visit the secluded beaches of Praia do Forte, watch sea turtles and visit castle ruins. With something for every traveller, Bahia is a must visit!!

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Things to do in Bahia

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