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Learn more about ancient Egyptian history in the Safaga area which is famous for its historical sites and natural beauty. Day trips to Mons Claudianusor Tobia Island in the Red Sea mountains can be arranged with local guides. Mons Claudianus is an interesting historical site, reachable by organized excursions that includes a stop at a Bedouin camp where you can observe their culture and sample their food. A small sand island in the middle of the bay of Safaga, Tobia is an ideal place to spend a day at sea. All hotels, diving and aqua centres in Safaga offer a day’s excursion to the island and can give you all the snorkelling equipment too. Port Safaga is a working port located 37 miles from Safaga with several tourist villages specializing in diving holidays, hotels and some excellent fish restaurants. Its unspoiled beaches and stiff breeze made it the ideal venue for the 1993 World Windsurfing Championships.

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Things to do in Safaga

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