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  • Big Bus Tours - Paris
    Even tho the buses we were in did'nt follow the route, since the city is with sites of construction due to the Olympic games that will take place there in July, the tour is awesome.<br /><br />I only had one problem: We were with a flu, therefore during a period of the tour we dicided to stay downstairs in the bus. The driver however was listening to the radio so loudly that, even with the earphones, we heard more his music than the explanations of the attractions and the background music. And it was a french hiphop so agressive, I mean, a music not so easy to please everybody. We were paying, he shoud've had that taken on account.
    Gabriela Fernandes Matera Torres Ver?nica Fernandes Matera, 28/May/2024
  • City Sightseeing Edinburgh
    A great way to see the city and easily hop from one attraction to the next.
    Lindsey Elias, 28/May/2024
  • Bus Turistic - Ticket - Barcelona
    Heather Ross, 28/May/2024
  • London Tour Hop on - Hop off Bus
    This was painful. It’s a terrible way to see London. The traffic is ridiculously slow. We gave up half way through.
    Michele Raad, 28/May/2024
  • Sagrada Familia: Fast Track
    Michael Laska, 28/May/2024
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