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Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. The city is home to some fifty museums and numerous art galleries defining the rich art and cultural heritage of the country. No visit to Oslo can be complete without visiting the Vigeland Sculpture Park created by sculptor Gustav Vigeland. One of the main attractions of the park is The Monolith, (Monolitten), an over 14 meters column covered with entwined human bodies and carved out of a single block of stone.Also see the original Vikingships Viking Ship Museum. Also worth visiting are the Munch Museum and Holmenkollen. The modern attractions of the city include the Nobel Peace Centre and the Holocoust Centre that reflect the image of Oslo as the peace city. You can also visit the Oslo City Hall, Located on the waterfront, overlooking the bay of the Oslo fjord, the City Hall reflects the historic role of Oslo as the capital of a seafaring nation. Take a boat ride and sail past a maze of green islands, dotted with picturesque summer houses. The Norway coastline offers a dramatic mix of mountains, fjords, quaint villages and graceful castles. You can see the Akerhus Fortress, which was used to protect Oslo from sea attacks in the times of yore. Also see some medieval buildings dating back to 1300. The boat sails past the picturesque islands in the inner part of Oslo Fjord dotted with walled medieval towns, imposing fortresses, Viking and Bronze Age relics. One of the inlet islands Hovedøya, has monastery ruins dating from 1100.


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