Montego Bay
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A trip to Montego Bay is a trip to a destination of two faces! On the one hand, you have the sunny paradise setting where palm trees gently sway beside the golden sands of the shore. Where you can encounter dolphins, enjoy sea adventures, and visit stunning lagoons. Even head into the wilds of inland for safari trips! On the other hand, away from the soft tourism touches, you find in every brochure, there's a very different place. Montego Bay is a lively, chaotic place where car horns beep and bustling human life goes about its everyday business at its urban core. Experience both sides, and Montego Bay will soon have you dancing to its Jamaican rhythms.
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Our tips for Montego Bay

Make the most of the beach and then…: Spending time at the beach is a must, but also make sure to try something a little different. Why not book a dolphin experience, head out on the golf course or go on safari? We have plenty of options available to make your stay that little bit better. Drinking the water: You’ll be glad to know that the tap water is safe to drink; of course, if you’re not sure, then bottled water is available. Also, make sure to try the local food. Honestly, it’s fantastic!

Good to know

Head to Jamaica and Montego Bay during the winter months, so November to mid-December. This is when the temperatures are averaging around the 80’s. The peak season heads on into April, but the earlier side of the winter season will mean you miss the crowds. Also, things like room rates are reasonable then too.

Things to do in Montego Bay

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