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Discover the world-famous Book of Kells during a Trinity College trip in Dublin! As the most esteemed university in the country of Ireland, Trinity College enjoys a certain amount of prestige within Academia. And, because the college was found in the 1500’s, some of the buildings, statues, and other features are of particular interest to historians, architects, and artists. But, the main Trinity College attraction just might be the Book of Kells. Created around 800 A.D., the Book of Kells is a compendium of the four gospels, along with other texts from the Vulgate and the Vetus Latina versions of the early bible. So, checking it out for yourself is one of the most exciting things to do in Trinity College. But, if you’re looking for a chilling Trinity College experience, then exploring the area during the Eerie Dublin Combo Tour is what to do in Ireland. It includes a Ghost Bus experience and Haunted History Tour. And, you can bet that with around 500 years of history, plenty of ghost sightings have occurred during Trinity College tours!


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Our tips for Dublin

  • Can’t Miss! Two of the top Trinity College attractions are the Long Room and the Book of Kells. And, no Trinity College tour is complete without experiencing both.
  • Early Bird. If you’d like your Trinity College photos to be free of tourist crowds, consider booking online and arriving right before the gates open.
  • Layer up! Depending on when you take your Trinity College trip, you might find that it’s cold outside and toasty inside, or vice versa. Layer up so you can add or remove clothing quickly.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Trinity College truly depends on your own personal preferences. If you’d like to the campus in full swing, then you’ll need to book your Trinity College tour for anytime during the school year, obviously. But, if you’d prefer a much quieter Trinity College experience, then you might want to come during the summer, winter, or spring breaks. In terms of weather, the best time to tour Trinity College is between June and August, when Ireland enjoys a relative warm climate. However, this is exactly when all the students have gone home. So, if you want to see what the college looks like during the semester, you should probably consider booking your Trinity College trip for fall or spring. Finally, the best time of day to visit Trinity College might just be after lunch. Most of the world’s guidebooks instruct tourists to book their Trinity day trips for the early morning. And, many of those who read guidebooks heed that advice. As a result, showing up around 2:00 p.m. might just be one of the smartest things to do in Dublin!

Getting there

Getting to Trinity College is rather easy, but you’ll find fewer transportation options than you would in larger cities. The vast majority of students and visitors use Dublin’s bus system. It’s fast, efficient, and typically quite clean. And, regardless of where it is in Dublin that you are staying, you can rest assured that there is a bus to take you to the edge of campus. From the airport, your options are limited to bus and taxi. Taxis certainly represent the most convenient way to get around Dublin. However, aside from hiring a private car, it’s also the most expensive way of getting around Dublin. Should you decide to take the bus from the airport, you can either Take Dublin Bus No. 16 or Airlink Bus No. 747 or 757 to City Centre. Anyone arriving at Dublin Port can simply take Bus No. 1 or 47 westbound towards Trinity College. After you alight near the college you may need to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the Trinity College campus.

Money saving tips

On a budget? That’s O.K.! You can save a bunch of money on a Dublin Hop-on, Hop-off Tour. It’ll get you around the city with ease and drop you close to the starting point for your Trinity College day trip!

Did you know?

Fun Facts – Amaze your friends with this fascinating Trinity College trivia!

  • Notable past students of Trinity College include Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, and many other iconic individuals. 
  • Queen Elizabeth I founded Trinity College in 1592, making it the oldest surviving university in Ireland.
  • Professorships, scholarships, and fellowships at Trinity College were only given to protestants until Parliament changed the law in 1873.
  • Trinity College is one of 7 universities in Great Britain and Ireland that were founded before 1600.

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