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An ancient city in a modern garb, Amman, the capital of Jordan is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. Today almost half of Jordans population is concentrated in the city. Amman is located in a hilly area of North West Jordan. It was originally built on seven hills, but today covers the area of 19 hills! Amman is a charming blend of the old and the new. The white, gleaming buildings of the city give it its distinct character and the hills provide it with a temperate climate and a distinct atmosphere. The focus of tourism in Amman is the downtown area known as Balad, which offers visitors a clutch of ancient ruins, a whiff of customary lifestyles and markets, and the aroma of traditional, deliciously cooked food. The citadel towering over the city is the site of Rabath-Ammon. There is a palace nearby of the Umayyad period, and a Byzantine basilica. We also have the ruins of the Great Temple of Amman. A visit to the Jordanian Archaeological Museum is a must as it house such priceless reassures as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Iron Age Sarcophagi. The Ottoman Style King Hussein Mosque is most impressive. Traditional downtown souks offer opportunity for the intrepid visitor to bargain for all kinds of items. Delicious Jordanian food like Shwarma and Mansaf can be found downtown. Amaze yourself in Amman, marvel at the many sites, bargain and buy to your hearts content, chew on the meaty cuisine and bask in the white glow that seems to come off the buildings if the city at sunset.

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Our tips for Amman

  • Pack appropriately: Like many other Middle Eastern countries, the local dress is more conservative, so covering up will be required. No short shorts, for example. Beach clothing is accepted at the resorts, but best to wear loose-fitting wear when in town.
  • Mix up the money: You'll find that ATM's are available in Amman and other large towns. Save some cash for tips, taxis and snacks. 
  • Drink plenty of water: It might seem strange to mention, but you are in a hot country, so dehydration can be a problem. So be careful and drink water, even if the locals don't. 

Good to know

The spring and autumn are the best times to visit Amman. The days will be warm, but you'll be thankful for this; the evenings are cool. Meaning you'll be able to explore and hike without the excessive heat.

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