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Penang, and at its heart George Town is the pearl of the orient. On the one hand, an exotic holiday destination where you’ll find pearly white beaches, and jungle terrain, and on the other in the city a modern vibrant place that captures old-world Asia with its modern stylings. Be sure to explore George Town, where not only the attractions, but the cuisine is of the highest quality. There are temples and mosques, a heritage trail and fort, and when the lights dim the night is alive with the sights and smells of food. With national parks and trails into the jungle. Quaint fishing villages and those beautiful beaches. There’s no denying that Penang is a Malaysian gem.

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Our tips for Penang

  • Try the street food: You’re in Penang, the foodie capital of Malaysia, and where better to try the delicious cuisine than at the street food stalls. You’ll be in for a treat. It’s the hawker food you really want to find. Go, explore, and consume! 
  • Check out the art: In over 10 years Penang has become a street-art haven. Make sure to seek out the artwork and add some colour to your sightseeing. 

Good to know

  • There are really two periods during the year you should consider visiting Penang. November to January is when the weather is at its most pleasant. So, makes activities like sightseeing around Penang more agreeable, but it’s busier.
  • If you head there between February and April, then it’ll be quieter as most tourists would have gone, especially after the New Year celebrations.

Cities Near Penang

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