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Theme And Water Parks Tickets

Abu Dhabi may be a city for business and shopping, staying in grand hotels and experiencing a rich and diverse culinary scene. You can do all those, but make time to seek out some fun! Leave the shopping behind and head for the thrill of the theme park. And Abu Dhabi more than delivers. Head for Ferrari World, not only the world's largest indoor theme park, but it also boasts having the world's fastest rollercoaster. Scream for me, Formula Rossa! Your thrill experiences will reach all new highs. And if the heat of the day is too much, then head for Yas Waterworld. Slides and flooms will delight all ages. And you'll be cooling off from the heat of the day. Phew! It's a splash and play day. There's really no better way to spend your day than exploring the theme and water parks of Abu Dhabi.
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