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Vilnius is a Baltic gem, a city that will deliver on so many levels. From its Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance stylings to its modern touches. You’ll be glad you’ve chosen to visit. Yes, you’ll see its battle scars from times past, but exploring the cobbled streets, enjoying the ambience of the cafes, bars, and boutique shops will more than make up from learning about the past. For a small city, it certainly packs a punch. From palaces to the Cathedral and the museums that reflect on its past. And the bustling shopping streets blends each element into a wonderful collective whole. See, there are plenty of things to do in Vilnius.
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Our tips for Vilnius

  • Soak up the local history: The name itself has an air of menace, but no need to be afraid. The Gate of Dawn is a fascinating place to visit. It’s also an important religious monument. There’s a tiny chapel that people flock to, and so should you. It’s one of the city’s top attractions to see and available on a Vilnius tour. 
  • Its Soviet heritage is worth a look: There are several places to visit that take you back to the Soviet era. Check out Hales Turgaviete - a market offering everything from fresh herbs to clothes. It’s bargains galore, so the locals say. 

Good to know

Any time of year brings its joys, with summers warm and springs full of the…joys of Spring. September and October are good months to visit as the city is at its very best then.    

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