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There aren’t many places in the world that can boast stunning countryside, quaint towns and boisterous buddling cities brimming with art! Places that are picture-postcard perfect, places that offer world-class art and wine that’s as divine as the landscape it's produced in. Welcome to Tuscany, the region that is ready to seduce you! Visit the Renaissance influences of Florence, its cathedral dominating the city’s centre. Head for the leaning tower of Pisa and escape to the fertile lands, where vineyards like terraced houses hug the rolling hills. Enjoy the morning mist as it crawls across the olive groves and hilltop villages. Tuscany is a region where you can explore, enjoy the surroundings, and taste some of the finest of Italian cuisine. There's a good region to make Tuscany your next destination.

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Our tips for Tuscany

Head for Florence: You’ll probably base yourself near or in the city of Florence. So why not add a hop-on hop-off bus tour of the city or visit one of the stunning museums like Academia, where you’ll get to see Michelangelo’s David. Well worth adding to your Tuscan adventure.

Good to know

Best time to visit
If you have to pick a time to visit the region, April to May and early autumn are best. You’ll find the landscape at its most vibrant during these times, and the weather is pleasantly warm.
Getting around
If you are looking to head around the region, the train is excellent to get between the main cities. Suppose you want to visit the stunning countryside and wine regions like Chianti. In that case, a car will be helpful or booking yourself a tour which will take away the need for hiring cars, and you can pick the places you want to visit.
Money saving tips
Much of Italy can be expensive, so booking a tour is a great way to save money. Excursions to the wine regions and villages will ensure you get to see all the stunning scenery as well as saving yourself some money. Perfect.
Did you know?
Impress your fellow travellers and friends with these tidbits of information: • A Florence resident Carlo Collodi wrote a book called The Adventures of Pinocchio. This was written long before Disney got their hands on it! A local puppeteer bought Pinnichio to life! • You probably walk on a pavement every day, so did you know that in 1339 Tuscany decided to pave its road. It soon spread around Europe, making everywhere more accessible. • Tuscany is, of course, where you will find the wine region of Chianti! It’s so popular with British tourists that the area is known as Chiantishire!

Cities Near Tuscany

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