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Get a true taste of Southeast Asia during a delicious Singapore Food and Wine Tour!  Singapore represents one of the most diverse cultural centers of the East, drawing upon global influences and assimilating them into the local art, cuisine, and social scene.  Many of the tasty Singaporean dishes you might sample include elements from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and even Europe.  And, you can fully appreciate this melting pot of various cultures during the Food Tour of Chinese, Malay, India, and Peranakan Cultures!  Or, you could take a ride on the Singapore GOURMETbus, which combines a Singapore city tour with fine dining and a trip to the Gardens by the Bay.  You can even enjoy a meal above the rest of the city during a Singapore Cable Car Sky Dining Experience.  As a major, international tourist hub, Singapore is constantly evolving and improving its food and wine tour experiences.  Why not enjoy a Singapore Sling Cocktail Experience aboard the Singapore Flyer?  Or, have breakfast with a bunch of orangutans while uncovering the Wonders of Singapore Zoo.  It’s one of the wildest things to do in Singapore if you’re looking for a truly unforgettable dining experience.


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Our tips for Food & Wine

Our tips


  • To Tip or Not to Tip? Singapore does not have the same tipping culture that you might experience back home.Simply put, you don’t need to do it.Generally, if you have a server come to your table, a service charge will automatically be applied to your bill. 
  • Like Clockwork. If you’re dining with new Singaporean friends and there’s a lazy Susan, make sure the first dish faces the eldest at the table and never rotate it counter-clockwise.
  • Belly Up.You might already know that you’re not supposed to stand your chopsticks up in the rice bowl.But, another taboo is flipping over your fish once you’re done with one side.It symbolizes an overturned boat and brings bad luck.Simply take out the backbone, instead.
  • Insider Tip – Can’t find a seat at the Food Court? It happens. Just wait for a diner to walk away and simply place a napkin or other inexpensive item on the empty table to reserve your spot. This is common practice. So, respect the real-time reservations of the locals to avoid a disagreement.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time for a Singapore Food and Wine Tour is between February and April.  These months represent Singapore’s dry season; and, accordingly, you are far less likely to experience rain or other precipitation during these months than you might during other seasons.  With that said, it should be pointed out that Singapore’s high temperatures and humidity can be felt all year long.  The summer months of June, July, and August can prove a tad overwhelming to those who are sensitive to the heat.  And, to compound the issue, the summer also brings lower air quality because it’s the season for agricultural fires in neighboring countries.  The smoke often sweeps in from outside of Singapore and can sometimes cause visitors to stay indoors for a day or two.  The winter months receive the most rainfall; so, if you come between late-November and February, then you should definitely consider bring an umbrella or raincoat.  Then again, Singapore’s weather is quite erratic; so, you could easily find that winter’s cheaper airfare and discounted lodging prove to be even more of a bargain if you get lucky enough to experience some clear, sunny days. 

Getting there
Getting to the meeting point for your Singapore Food and Wine Tour is easy!  Singapore is home to a very efficient set of mass transit options.  The most popular is the Mass Rapid Transit system, or MRT.  Generally speaking, the MRT can get you to just about anywhere in the city; so, you’re sure to join your Singapore Food and Wine Tour on time.  You can purchase either a single ticket or a reloadable smart card to get to where you’re going.  Additionally, depending on the starting location for your tour, you may also need to use the light rail.  It’s clean, fast, and offers better views than its underground counterpart.  Singapore also provides an extensive network of bus routes.  You’ll find the buses to be both comfortable and rather inexpensive.  Hopping on the bus is one of the best things to do in Singapore if you’re traveling on a budget.  Taxis are always an option.  They’ll provide you with the most direct, door-to-door service while our ride in comfort.  However, taxis are by far the most expensive way of getting around Singapore, unless you plan on hiring a private car, limousine, or helicopter.  Finally, you could walk or ride a bike to many of the top Singapore attractions.  It provides a unique Singapore experience because it allows you to explore at your own pace and hear what’s going on in Singapore’s various neighborhoods.  It’s what to do in Singapore if you want to get around like a local!
Did you know?

Quick Trivia – Impress your friends and family with these Singapore Food & Wine fun facts!


  • Singapore’s National Dish is Hainanese chicken rice.And, although Hainan is in China, the dish was still created in Singapore by immigrants from the South China Sea island.
  • Singaporean cuisine is an amalgam of various influences from Asia and beyond.While there has been some input from Portuguese and British cooking, the main influences are Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian food.
  • The first beer produced in Singapore by Malayan Breweries was Tiger Beer in 1932.The very next year, Becks’ Archipelago Brewery opened up in Singapore and started producing Anchor Beer.
  • If you’re looking for something to whet your whistle, try the Singapore Sling.It’s a cocktail based on the Gin Sling, but with a tropical twist!

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