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Sabah is the second largest state in eastern Malaysia and has the South China Sea on the West. It is a mountainous state with lush rainforests. Some of its famous landmarks include the State Mosque, Sabah State Museum , Sabah Fountain Building , Atkinson Clock Tower, Signal Hill Observatory, Water Villages , Mosnopiad Cultural Village , St. Michael's Catholic Church and Central Market. The Sabah State Museum with its majestic domes and gold inlay motifs is a spectacular sight for tourists. For nature lovers, the major attractions include, Kinabalu Park , Tawau Hills Park , Crocker Range National Park , Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, Poring Hot Spring, Danum Valley and Gomantong Caves . Located in Sepilok, the Orang Utan Sanctuary is one of the only four orang utan sanctuaries in the world. There are a number of islands and beaches in Sabah, including Tunku Abdul Rahman Park , Pulau Tiga National Park , Sipadan Island , Sandakan , Layang Island , Mabul Island and Kapalai, Lankayan Island and Tanjung Aru Beach .

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Things to do in Sabah

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