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Got a favourite film? Maybe it's the mega-hit Lord of the Rings? If so, remember those immortal lines that Gandalf spoke? You shall not pass! Thankfully, if you're in Queenstown and you happen to be on a Lord of the Rings tours, you'll undoubtedly be allowed to pass! Able to explore the splendour of the surroundings that this beautiful area has to offer. With Queenstown Lord of the Rings tours you'll be venturing out, exploring the locations that helped to make the film so loved. Middle Earth, here you come. You'll head to Mt Aspiring World Heritage park, see other key locations like Glenorchy and Paradise. Keep an eye out for those pesky orcs! Time to get your Lord of the Rings fix with a tour that is part epic adventure, part look at this stunning area. You'll be glad you did pass!
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This is a year-round destination, with Queenstown sightseeing crowds reaching their peak in summer and winter. Visit Queenstown attractions in autumn (March to October) and spring (October to November) for less tourists and cheaper rates.

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