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Got a favourite film? Maybe it's the mega-hit Lord of the Rings? If so, remember those immortal lines that Gandalf spoke? You shall not pass! Thankfully, if you're in Queenstown and you happen to be on a Lord of the Rings tours, you'll undoubtedly be allowed to pass! Able to explore the splendour of the surroundings that this beautiful area has to offer. With Queenstown Lord of the Rings tour Queenstown, you'll be venturing out, exploring the locations that helped to make the film so loved. Middle Earth, here you come. You'll head to Mt Aspiring World Heritage park, see other key locations like Glenorchy and Paradise. Keep an eye out for those pesky orcs! Time to get your Lord of the Rings fix with a tour that is part epic adventure, part look at this stunning area. You'll be glad you did pass!
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Our tips for Lord Of The Rings

  • Book Early. Given the popularity of "Lord of the Rings" tours in New Zealand, it's advisable to make your reservations well in advance, especially if you have specific dates in mind, to secure your spot.
  • Prepare for Unpredictable Weather. Be ready for the ever-changing weather conditions, which can include rain, wind, and sunshine. Ensure you have appropriate attire, including layered clothing, waterproof gear, and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Show Environmental Respect. When exploring the natural filming locations, demonstrate consideration for the environment. Stick to designated paths, avoid disturbing wildlife, and adhere to Leave No Trace principles.
  • Capture the Scenery. Don't forget to bring a quality camera or smartphone to document the awe-inspiring landscapes. New Zealand's stunning beauty is highly photogenic, and you'll want to preserve these moments.

Good to know

The "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson, was primarily shot in New Zealand, featuring iconic settings such as the Southern Alps, Tongariro National Park, Wellington, and various regions in both the North and South Islands. New Zealand's stunning landscapes were utilized to bring J.R.R. Tolkien's mythical Middle-earth to life, serving as an authentic and visually captivating backdrop for key scenes, including the Shire, Rivendell, and Mount Doom. In the North Island, the quaint town of Matamata was artfully transformed into the Hobbiton film set, where visitors can partake in guided tours, explore charming hobbit dwellings, and even savor a beverage at the Green Dragon Inn. Many of the film's locations are easily accessible by car, enabling enthusiasts to embark on their own "Lord of the Rings" inspired road trips, with picturesque routes like the "Great River Anduin" in the Waikato region offering breathtaking vistas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a "Lord of the Rings" tour in Queenstown?

    A "Lord of the Rings" tour in Queenstown provides an adventure that transports you to diverse film settings featured in the movie series. It presents fans with the chance to fully engage with the realm of Middle-earth and witness the breathtaking New Zealand scenery that provided the cinematic backdrop for the films.

  • Q: What is the best time to book Lord of the Rings tour in Queenstown?

    This is a year-round destination, with Queenstown sightseeing crowds reaching their peak in summer and winter. Visit Queenstown attractions in autumn (March to October) and spring (October to November) for less tourists and cheaper rates.

  • Q: Which "Lord of the Rings" film locations can I visit in Queenstown?

    Various "Lord of the Rings" film locations were situated in Queenstown and its environs. Depending on the specific tour, you might have the chance to explore sites such as the Pillars of the Kings, the Ford of Bruinen, Lothlórien, and more.

  • Q: What should I wear and bring for the tour?

    Dress in comfortable attire and don sturdy walking footwear, as certain tours may include mild to moderate hiking. It's also advisable to have sunscreen, a hat, water, and any items specifically suggested by the tour operator at hand.

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