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Only Osaka can magic up a unique day out that you won't find anywhere else in Japan. An Osaka Universal Studios ticket is a must-have for anyone heading to the region. A day out enjoying the best of Hollywood and movies. You've got eight different sections to explore, so you can be sure of a day packed with memories. Enjoy the magical world of Harry Potter, head for the dinosaur world of Jurassic Park or the aquatic landscape of Waterworld. With touches of New York and San Francisco to add to the movie flavour, well, you really are in for a fun-filled day out. Your Osaka Universal Studios tickets are your pass into this wonderland of the screen. It's an Osaka experience where you'll be able to create your own movie.


High demand, seasonal availability and unexpected closures can be the reason. We're working on getting it up and running. Meanwhile, you can search for other activities on our website. We don’t want you to leave disappointed!

Our tips for Universal Studios

  • Learn a little before you go: It always helps if you can understand a few words of Japanese before you go. There are plenty of apps and books to help you. Even a thank-you 'arigato' after the tour will help. 
  • Keep some change: Cash is still the primary payment source, although cards are accepted. So be sure to have plenty with you on your tour as there may be souvenir buying opportunities.

Good to know

Best time to visit
  • The best time to head to the theme park would be between October and December. The weather is generally nice at this time of year. Certainly, cooler and the crowds will be lower than during peak season.
  • You are best to avoid the park during late July, around 24th and 25th. This is when the Tenjin Matsuri is held in Osaka. Also, the summer heat may be a factor! 
Getting there

With this tour, you'll get round trip transfers to Universal Studios, meaning no hassles in getting the train or ordering a taxi. Means you can just look forward to a day full of fun.

Money saving tips

Book your Universal Studio ticket in advance. That way, you'll have peace of mind that you can visit the park, especially if you are visiting during the peak summer season.

Did you know?

Impress your friends and fellow travellers with these tidbits of information

  • Universal Studios Japan was the first theme park under the brand name to be built in Asia back in 2001. It's the second most visit amusement park in Japan after Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Love Mario or Yoshi? Then Universal Studios has an area dedicated to these characters. Super Nintendo World is the place to go! There's even a Mario Kart attraction.
  • Popcorn buckets are a speciality in Japan, and you'll be able to pick up some unique ones here! They constantly change, so who knows what will be on offer!

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