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Enter one of the most important centers of urban culture during an exciting Harlem tour! No place is quite like Harlem and no place will ever be quite like Harlem. From its Jazz scene to its famous Soul Food, there’s something about a Harlem trip that connects with your soul and stays there. Having earn a negative reputation during the 1950’s all the way up until 1990’s, Harlem experienced a recent makeover that would redefine it as a must-see attraction during any New York vacation. Take a Gospel Tour and sing to your heart’s content before enjoying a Sunday brunch. Or, try a Jazz & Soul Food Tour to get New York’s take on Southern culture. And, no Harlem sightseeing trip would be complete without a stop at the world-famous Apollo Theater! It’s what to do in Harlem!

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  • Our tips for New York City Our tips for New York City
    • Soul Food. If you’re on a Harlem daytrip, you should definitely try the Soul Food. Soul Food originated as humble dishes from the South; but, recipes began flooding into the north after 1865, where they evolved further. If it’s your first time in Harlem, we recommend Sylvia’s.
    • Shopping Adventure. Shopping during a Harlem trip is another thing altogether. You can bet you’ll find something on 125th Street that you’ve never seen before. Street vendors hawk shea butter cream, oils, perfume, self-published afro-centric texts, urban music, and much more!
    • Common Sense. It’s always wise to be careful when you are in a new place. And, although most parts of New York are safe to visit during the daytime, including Harlem, you should be wary of panhandlers, thieves, and pickpockets in crowded places and during special events.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    Harlem is a fun place to visit throughout the year; but, the best time to visit is probably between April and June or September to early November. During these times, the weather is pleasantly mild and the tourist traffic drops off. Families on vacation and European travelers come to New York during the summer months, which is high season. The city can become quite crowded during Thanksgiving and New Year’s, too. You’ll find it difficult to find hotel rooms or flight tickets; so, try to book ahead. Harlem is very quiet from January through March because of snowfall and dropping temperatures. However, if you are looking to take a budget Harlem trip, you can take advantage of some real bargains if you don’t mind a little snow.

    Getting There

    During your Harlem vacation, you can easily find your way from midtown Manhattan to the main shopping centers and streets in Harlem. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes on the subway. But, Harlem controls a large area, so you might want to look up the New York’s MTA subway map to find out exactly where you want to go. On Saturdays and Sundays, construction work on the tracks can disrupt the normal transit flow. Before your Harlem Tour, check the New York’s MTA website for updates. You can buy Unlimited MetroCards as an inexpensive way to use the subway during a longer Harlem trip. This also give you access to the many busses that go from downtown Manhattan to Harlem, as well. Besides public transport, you can also use yellow cabs, green taxis, Uber, or Lyft.

    Money Saving Tips

    Low on cash? No problem! The North Woods of Central Park borders with Harlem and while you’re inside, the sounds of the city are quite muffled. Enjoy a picnic lunch near Harlem Meer, where you can watch local fishermen catch and release all day long.

    Did you know?
    • Harlem was settled by the Dutch colonists in the 1600’s. It was called Nieuw Haarlem after a city by the same name in the Netherlands.
    • Since then, Harlem has been inhabited by different people during different waves of migration, including African-Americans, Jews, Italians, and Hispanics.
    • During the 1920’s, Harlem experienced a burst in intellectual, social, and artistic creativity, influencing black writers from the Caribbean, African colonies, and Paris, too. It was called the ‘Harlem Renaissance’ and was considered to be a rejuvenation of African-American culture.
    • Some famous people from Harlem are Louis Armstrong, Al Pacino, Harry Houdini, Ed Sullivan, and the Marx brothers.

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