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Nagoya, Japan's fourth-largest city and an often-overlooked stopover. Mainly because people are heading down to the charm and highlights of Kyoto from Tokyo. But that should change, for Nagoya has plenty to offer, from museums and art galleries to shrines and parks, oh, and its elegant castle. And that's before we've even started to think about its exciting nightlife and foodie scene. With options to use Nagoya as a base to explore the stunning nearby countryside, you're in onsen (hot spring) territory here. Giving you all the more reason to leave the Shinkansen (bullet train) and spend a few days here before heading onto other places. Go on, Nagoya is waiting for you.
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Our tips for Nagoya

  • Head for the Toyota Museum: Whether you are into cars or not, Nagoya is the home of Toyota, and the museum is simply stunning. You'll come out with a deeper appreciation of this car brand once you've visited.
  • All about the food: For many, Nagoya is seen as being an industrial city, not offering very much. When it comes to food, however, Nagoya is up there alongside the likes of Hiroshima for its local cuisine. So, make sure to take a food tour and find out all the right places to visit.

Good to know

Best time to visit

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the city. The summers here get very hot and sticky, so you'll probably end up sweating heavily. Not comfortable for touring around and exploring a big city.

Getting around

You have several options to get around the city; the subway is the most convenient. There are six lines to use, and they connect to all the major attractions, the Shinkansen station and the airport. There is also a loop bus (Meguru) and city buses as well as the more expensive taxi service.

Stay Safe
  • Nagoya is seen as a safe city to visit with low crime rates. So you'll be able to freely go around without encountering any petty crime or other problems. Still, be mindful, though, as nowhere is entirely safe. 
  • Also, be aware if you are using the train. There are cases when people will rub up to you, especially on crowded trains. There are female-only carriages available on the train line if you feel the need to use them.

Cities Near Nagoya

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