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Take home a major haul after your L.A. trip by embarking on one of several Los Angeles Shopping Tours! L.A. enjoys worldwide fame for its unique fashion trends, famous designers, and influential celebrities. So, it’s no wonder that Los Angeles represents one of the best places to shop on Earth. If you desire super luxurious, high-end designer brands, then making a few stops at the shops along Rodeo Drive is one of those can’t-miss things to do in Los Angeles. Those looking for the latest trends should find what they want in Santa Monica. And, visitors with a swankier, vintage style should definitely hit up Melrose Ave. or Venice Beach. However, you’ll soon discover that there’s more to an L.A. shopping trip than perusing the boutiques in L.A.’s most famous neighborhoods. Why not take the Los Angeles Local Insider Daytrip, which, in addition to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, takes you to The Grove, The Original Farmer’s Market, Hollywood, and more! It’s what to do in Los Angeles when you’d like to swipe your card at every L.A. shopping hotspot!

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  • Our tips for Shopping Tour Our tips for Shopping Tour
    • A Little Patience. When your Los Angeles Shopping Tour starts, make sure to pace yourself. Some shoppers get so excited that they spend all of their money on the very first store.
    • Ballin’ on a Budget. It’s important that you at least set a maximum spending limit and stick to it. Buyer’s remorse can really put a damper on a Los Angeles Shopping trip.
    • Here’s a Tip. If one of the retail clerks goes above and beyond the call of duty, like making multiple runs to the back room, then feel free to tip that individual for the excellent service.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    Los Angeles experiences some of the best year-round weather on Earth; so, the best time to visit L.A. is anytime! Visitors on a Los Angeles Shopping Tour are correct to assume that they’ll encounter clear, sunny days for most of their L.A. vacation. But, every year, some unlucky tourists happen to hit the lottery and experience a bit of cloudiness and/or rain. For example, while local rarely see rain in the month of June, the term “June Gloom” is known to everyone. For whatever reason, June receives its fair share of clouds, typically in the form of a heavy marine layer. On the other hand, winter often brings plenty of sunshine and even some very warm days. Christmas day frequently sees temperatures in the high 80’s. However, it should be pointed out that, depending on the Los Angeles shopping trip you join, you may or may not find yourself indoors quite a lot, which kind of renders weather-watching somewhat pointless. But, if you’d like to hit to outdoor shopping areas during your L.A. day trip, then rest assured your chances of experiencing a beautiful day in SoCal are quite high!

    Getting There

    Simply put, nobody walks in L.A. The city just isn’t set up to for getting around Los Angeles on foot. At the outset, it should be noted that renting a car is probably your best bet for a seamless, stress-free Los Angeles trip. L.A.’s mass transit system does not provide enough routes or stops to serve the needs of most individuals. However, the fairly new L.A. Metro can get you to the top L.A. attractions during your Los Angeles shopping day trip. From North to South, it stretches from the San Gabriel Valley all the way down to Long Beach. And, from West to East, the L.A. Metro starts and ends in Santa Monica and the inland San Fernando Valley. Some visitors have found L.A.’s bus system to be a tad more efficient and affordable than the L.A. Metro. You should have no problem at all reaching the starting point for your Los Angeles shopping experience, as long as you’re confident in your map-reading skills. Otherwise, you could always pop for a Los Angeles Hop-on, Hop-off ticket. It ensures you only travel with other tourists and it stops at all of the top Los Angeles points-of-interest. If you want to get around the city with ease, then taking a Hop-on, Hop-off tour is what to do in L.A.!

    Money Saving Tips

    Making every penny count? Cool! You can save a lot of dough by taking the Los Angeles Insider Day Trip. You’ll receive exclusive discounts at high-end retailers just for joining the tour!

    Did you know?

    Fun Facts – Amaze your friends with this Los Angeles Shopping Tours trivia!

    • Although Rodeo Drive was first created in 1906, the street didn’t see its first luxury boutique until Giorgio Beverly Hills arrived in 1967. 
    • Paramount Pictures is one among several top Los Angeles attractions located on the trendy Melrose Avenue.
    • During the heyday of radio, most cities had a Radio Row where they could peruse the shops to buy a transistor. But, Sunset Boulevard’s Radio Row was so-called because all 4 major radio stations had their broadcast buildings operating there.
    • Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade was developed in the 1960’s. Along 3rd Street, three blocks suddenly became pedestrian-only to allow for a more relaxed L.A. shopping trip!

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