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Relive the popular fads and fashions of the past during one of several available London Pop Culture Tours.  With your London Pop Culture Tour tickets, you’ll enjoy an in-depth look at the movies, music, and art that shaped entire generations.  For example, you can check out the filming locations from the unforgettable Harry Potter films during the Harry Potter Bus Tour of London.  Or, see Harry Potter himself with Warner Bros Studios Tour tickets.  Otherwise, another exciting option comes in the form of the London Calling Rock and Pop Taxi Tour.  It’ll take you on a whirlwind adventure to some of the most recognizable locations from your favorite UK rock albums as well as famous haunts frequented by famous artists.  You can also check out more than 14 filming locations in London that were used for the Doctor Who episodes during the Doctor Who Walking Tour of London.  And finally, what London Pop Culture sightseeing trip would be complete without a Jack the Ripper Tour?  Investigating one of the most notorious tales to capture the minds of everyone worldwide is what to do in London. 

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  • Our tips for Pop Culture Our tips for Pop Culture

    • Early Bird Special. Understandably, London Pop Culture Tours are incredibly popular.So save yourself the disappointment of missing out by picking up your tickets ahead of time online.

    • Platforms are so Passé.Keep the Elton John-style platforms at home.Many of the London Pop Culture trips require a moderate amount of walking.

    • Under my Umbrella.You’re likely to find yourself outside during much of your London vacation; so, consider bringing an umbrella during any time of year.Freak showers occur randomly.

    Insider Tip –

    Bringing the whole family?  That’s great!  Shop around and check the fine print on guided London tours.  Many offer discounts for children and even allow small children to join for free!  Smart!

  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit London and take a London Pop Culture Tour depends heavily on your preferences and budget.  If money isn’t an issue, then booking your London vacation for the summer will provide the rare chance to experience pleasant weather.  But, you should be aware that you’ll have to pay a premium on flights and lodging.  If you’re touring London on a budget, then the shoulder seasons of early-spring and fall provide the perfect blend of mild climate and slightly reduced prices.  However, the weather during these seasons can be rather unpredictable; so, you will need to layer-up in anticipation of sudden temperature fluctuations.  Winter sees the least amount of tourist footfall due to London’s drab weather during this time of the year.  Then again, if you love the rain, winter might serve as the perfect time to visit London, especially if you’re exploring the city on a shoestring budget.  Just make sure you take advantage of the lower rates on hotels and certain London attractions!

    Getting There

    With several efficient transportation options in the city, getting around London is easy!  So, to get to the meeting point for your London Pop Culture Tour, you’ll find no shortage of available modes.  Perhaps the most popular way to get around London is the metro, affectionately nicknamed “The Tube”.  The Tube could easily qualify as a London attraction in itself.  And, using it for the first time often feels like a rite of passage for new visitors.  It’s relatively fast, clean, and inexpensive.  Taking the bus to the starting point for your London Pop Culture Tour represents an even cheaper transit option.  And, while the taxi can be prohibitively expensive, many tourists on a London sightseeing trip still want to ride around in those old-fashioned-looking cars.  If, after doing a little research, it makes sense to take the light rail during your London vacation, then hop right on and enjoy seeing the various London points-of-interest as you ride along.  About 2% of locals ride bicycles; and, you’ll find several bike rental locations throughout the city.  Hearing the sounds of the city and breathing in the aromas of local restaurants as you pedal along is one of the best things to do in London if you want to get a real feel for the city!


    Stay Safe


    Did you know?

    • The production team of Harry Potter actually trained owls to bring letters to the actors during filming.It wasn’t just CGI.

    • One of the most unlikely suspects purported to be Jack the Ripper was Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria.He, however, died of influenza at only 28 years of age.

    • Of the 253 episodes from Doctor Who’s first six seasons, 97 have been destroyed, lost, or otherwise deteriorated and are no longer held BBC’s vault.

    • Mark Perry, founder of the popular punk zine, Sniffin’ Glue, famously said, “Punk died the day the Clash signed to CBS.”

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