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Experience Lille with us

With Lille tours and tickets, discover the cultural hub of northern France. Lille is a lively city with a strong Flemish flavour, a well preserved old town, museums, shopping and an exciting nightlife. Lille was also the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2004 and fully merits this title. The city has a beautiful old town with 17th and 18th century restored houses. The famous Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Museum) is one of the most important in France, housing 15th- 20th century paintings by artists like Rubens, Van Dyck, Delacroix. The Old Stock Exchange, Vieille See the neoclassical Opéra, the Museum of Modern Art and the French military leader Charles de Gaulle’s birthplace. You can also try the Flemish speciality carbonnade in one of Lille’s many restaurants and shake it up later at a nightclub. A short distance from Brussels, Paris and London, the charming French city beckons travelers with its rich heritage and lively atmosphere. Book top-rated Lille tours on isango at the best rates and enjoy a budget-friendly travel experience.


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Our tips for Lille

  • Grab the Lille City Pass to enjoy discounted entry to some of the city’s top attractions and museums. Your travel plans are also sorted as the pass includes unlimited use of the city’s public transport as well as money saving offers on shopping, dining and nightlife.
  • Buy a ticket for all public transport. They are available in special automatic stands, which are at each stop, or directly in a bus or tram and cost approx. 4 euros for 24 hours. A special ‘book’ of 10 tickets will cost you less than 12 euros.
  • Tipping is considered a sign of courtesy so when visiting local cafes and restaurants, so make sure to leave a tip for the waiter. Tip amount can range from 7 to 15% of the order and depends on the status of the dining place.              

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Lille is from June to September as the weather is pleasant and it is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Getting around

There are plenty of ways of getting around Lille. The public transport system is quite efficient and you can comfortably explore the city by buses, trams and metros. The town centre is best covered on foot and the metro is great for longer distances. You can save a significant amount of money by getting a daily travel card (Pass Jounree).

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