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If you've got a Ferrari, you might well take it for a spin in and around the lakes; for a visit to Lake Como is a visit to where the great and good go. A parked-up Ferrari is not uncommon as you explore around this beautiful lake area. Lookout at the scene, and you'll see mountain backed shores, beautifully manicured gardens and historic palaces. You'll also head through attractive villages where ancient paths led off into the Italian mountains. No wonder filmmakers chose this destination as the backdrop to much of James Bond's Casino Royale. Daniel Craig may have left the area, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring and enjoying this stunning region. Absorb the atmosphere and indulge in Italian hospitality. You're in one of Italy's most popular destinations, after all. Oh, and keep a lookout for those Ferrari's!
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Good to know

Like much of Italy, the best time to visit Lake Como and the surrounding area is between April and October. This is when you'll find the best weather, and it's when the rich and famous visit! July and August are the busiest times, of course, when it's high season.

Cities Near Lake Como

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