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Hong Kong – where East meets West and how?! With a hop-on hop-off Hong Kong bus tour, embark on a journey to discover key attractions of this bustling metropolis in a flexible and convenient manner. Sit atop a double decker bus and pan your camera around while enjoying the 360-degree view and taking memories home. Join us for an incredible adventure on Hong Kong bus tour to enjoy a unique viewpoint with the flexibility to disembark at the attraction of your choice. An unforgettable experience awaits for each one of you – so don’t wait up!
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Our tips for Hop On Hop Off

  • Plan in Advance. Plan your itinerary in advance by researching the hop-on hop-off bus routes. Identify the key attractions you wish to visit and pinpoint the bus stops that will take you there. This strategic planning will enable you to maximize your time in Hong Kong.
  • Be an Early Worm. To make the most of your exploration, consider initiating your hop-on hop-off adventure early in the day. This early start accounts for potential variations in Hong Kong's traffic, ensuring you can cover more ground and fully experience the attractions without feeling rushed.
  • Audio Guide. Take advantage of the educational aspect of your tour by utilizing the audio guides provided by most hop-on hop-off buses. These guides are available in multiple languages and offer interesting facts about the attractions you'll be visiting, adding a valuable layer of insight to your journey.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes. Some attractions may involve a bit of walking. Being prepared for this ensures that you can comfortably explore unexpected gems or choose to delve more extensively into certain areas on foot.
  • Keep your Devices Charged. Ensure that your phone or camera is fully powered. Given the likelihood of taking photos, having charged devices is essential. Some hop-on hop-off buses even provide on-board charging stations for added convenience.

Good to know

Hong Kong is home to one of the last remaining double-decker tram systems globally, an iconic transportation system that has been in operation since the early 20th century. These charming trams offer an economical and picturesque way to explore the city. Contrary to its name, the monastery situated in Sha Tin houses more than 13,000 Buddha statues. To reach the monastery, visitors ascend a steep path adorned with numerous golden Buddha statues, resulting in a truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring journey. Kowloon Walled City, once recognized as the most densely populated place on Earth, was a distinctive and densely inhabited settlement. Although the original city is no more, a park now stands on the site, preserving elements of its history, including remnants of ancient walls and gates. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and vibrant streets, Hong Kong conceals tranquil and historically significant temples. An exemplar is the Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, dedicated to the deities of literature and war. This temple offers a serene retreat from the bustling urban environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time to book a Hong Kong hop-on hop-off tour?

    Hong Kong experiences a subtropical climate marked by distinct seasons. The optimal times to visit are typically in the fall (October to early December) and spring (March to April) when temperatures are pleasant, and humidity levels are lower. Winter (December to February) may bring cooler weather, but it is also an opportune time for sightseeing as there are fewer tourists. Summer (May to September) tends to be hot and humid, occasionally accompanied by typhoons. This period might be less comfortable for engaging in outdoor activities. When it comes to crowd levels, it's advisable to consider booking your trip during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. Doing so allows you to avoid the peak tourist crowds, ensuring a more relaxed experience during your hop-on hop-off tour.

  • Q: How many days are enough to explore Hong Kong?

    For a comprehensive exploration of Hong Kong's main attractions and a well-rounded experience, plan a 5 to 7-day visit. Here is a rough breakdown - Visit Victoria Peak and explore Central's skyscrapers, shopping, and historical sites, if you have 1-2 days. Spend time in Tsim Sha Tsui for shopping, dining, and cultural attractions and explore Kowloon Park, the Hong Kong Museum of History, and enjoy the Symphony of Lights, if you have 3-4 days. Take a day trip to Lantau Island, including Ngong Ping 360 and Tian Tan Buddha and explore Tai O fishing village for traditional stilt houses, if you have more days to spare.

  • Q: Are these tours guided?

    That will depend on the tour provider. You’ll find that Hong Kong hop-on hop-off tours can be either live or audio-guided. Many will have a pre-recorded commentary that’ll share fascinating information about the history of Hong Kong, its culture, and many places of interest. You’ll find that the audio commentary will be provided in various languages. English, French, German and Spanish are the most commonly used, but others may be available. Check the specific product page for full details of all the languages offered.

  • Q: Can I use the hop-on hop-off bus to reach specific attractions in Hong Kong?

    Certainly! Yes, the bus routes are planned to incorporate significant attractions and landmarks. Nevertheless, it's crucial to verify the routes and stops to ensure they match your intended destinations.

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