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Rev up the 4X4 and leave the city in your dust during an exciting and adventurous Hatta Safari!  While on a Hatta Safari, you’ll climb the Al-Hajar Mountain Range in an all-terrain vehicle and enjoy one of the most beautiful animal refuges in the U.A.E.  The Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve!  Check out the Hatta Dam during your Dubai trip and see where the city gets a lot of its electricity and water.  Then, take a dip in one of the few freshwater pools in the country.  Or, enjoy a tranquil Hatta kayak trip as part of your Dubai tour.  Then again, one of the most popular things to do in Hatta is mountain biking.  But, regardless of which Hatta activities you end up trying, make sure to check out the 200-year-old Heritage Village.  It plays host to a number of well-preserved, historical homes, fascinating shops, a large fort, and plenty of other Hatta attractions.  Why not take a Hatta Safari from Dubai, which offers a delicious lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel?  Or, upgrade to the Hatta Valley and Evening Desert Safari Dinner and add a traditional, nomadic BBQ.  It’s what to do in Dubai when you want to take an authentically intrepid Hatta sightseeing safari!

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Our tips for Hatta Safari

  • Keep in mind that cell phone signals can be spotty in the Al-Hajar Mountains.Make sure you have a first aid kit on hand and try packing a GPS.
  • Hatta can actually get a little chilly during the winter nights.Consider bringing a light jacket along with you during your Hatta trip!
  • Although Hatta is home to one of the few examples of surface water in the U.A.E., we wouldn’t recommend drinking it.Bring plenty of your own H2O.
  • Insider Tip – Looking forward to your Hatta Safari?  Great!  Just keep in mind that there is limited room in the 4X4s needed to climb the Al-Hajar Mountains; so, consider booking your Hatta tour before your flight to the U.A.E.

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Best time to visit

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Getting there

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Did you know?

Fun Facts – Feel like a smarty-pants during your Dubai tour by reciting this Hatta trivia!


  • Old Hatta is home to the Juma Mosque, which was built in 1780 and stands as the oldest surviving building in Hatta.
  • Hatta’s popular Heritage Village is actually owned by the government and is run by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.
  • Often referred to as Hatta Dam by tourists, the structure’s true name is Al Hattavi Dam.
  • The Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve is the only such refuge in Dubai, designed to protect a multitude of indigenous, endangered species.

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