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Discover one of the most luxurious cities on Earth during an Abu Dhabi tour! You can see where seemingly infinite wealth, modern conveniences, and ancient traditions collide when you embark on an Abu Dhabi daytrip from Dubai. Visit the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque, built by the first president of the U.A.E. And, feel the g-forces at Ferrari World, a fun-filled motor-sports theme park! Then, see what else the popular Yas Island has to offer during your Abu Dhabi trip. Or, perhaps you’d like to cool off at Waterworld theme park after a long, sunny day on the Arabian Peninsula. It’s one of the most popular things to do on an Abu Dhabi tour!


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Our tips for Abu Dhabi Tours

  • All about that paper. Despite its modern appearances, plenty of shops and stalls accept case as the only method of payment. Make sure you have plenty of it on your person.
  • Get a room! Public displays of affection are to be avoided. You probably won’t get arrested if you give your main squeeze a smooch, but one of the locals might complain to the police, which could hold you up while you explain and apologize.
  • Ramadon’t. If you can, book your Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour around Ramadan. During Ramadan, you can’t eat or drink in public because of the fast. Plus, most of the shops and attractions have limited hours, too.

Good to know

Best time to visit

In terms of weather, the best time for an Abu Dhabi daytrip is between November and March. But, please keep in mind that every other tourist is aware of this, too. This is the height of the tourist season and you’ll find more events and activities in Abu Dhabi during this time. April through October brings much higher temperatures. The thermometer often rises well above 100° and the high humidity makes touring Abu Dhabi somewhat difficult. You can find a better price for your hotel room during the off-season, but the discount may not be deep enough to make up for the poor weather.

Getting there

Most Abu Dhabi daytrips from Dubai include transportation and hotel pickup. In those cases, you needn’t worry about getting there. Just enjoy the view. Otherwise, by car, you’ll take highway E11 South until you reach the E10 West. The E10 West leads directly into Abu Dhabi. Taking a taxi is expensive: 70 dollars for a taxi you hailed from the sidewalk or 40 dollars if you pre-book. The bus ride to Dubai from Abu Dhabi only costs 4 dollars. You will need to check the timetables once you get there; but, it’s most likely you’ll take the E100 Bus from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai to Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi. From there, you’ll probably want to take a taxi to your destination.

Money saving tips

Not sure how to act? No problem. Pick up a complimentary ethics guide at the police station. The small booklet will tell you what to wear, how to act in public, what to do, and what not to do. It’s certainly worth a read before you hit the streets of Abu Dhabi.

Did you know?
  • Abu Dhabi is an archipelago comprised of over 200 islands.
  • On average, Abu Dhabi experiences only 5 days of rain per year. Bring sunblock and an umbrella for shade.
  • The famous Yas Marina Circuit cost over 1 billion to construct and held the first ever night time Formula 1 Grand Prix.
  • Abu Dhabi is one of the few places in the world with ATMs that dispense gold!

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